MR. LUCIANO: Good afternoon. My name is Gordon Luciano and I serve as Vice-Chairman of the Raynham Board of Selectmen. Prior to my current position I served on our town finance committee, which was responsible for budget preparation, monitoring and estimating of revenue figures. Raynham is a growing community of 10,500 residents in southeastern Massachusetts, which is made up of 74 percent residential property and 26 percent commercial property.

I would like to focus my comments on what direct Lottery aid has meant to my community. From a budget standpoint, this fiscal year, lottery aid represents approximately 6 percent of our total town budget. This amount is one half of our yearly discretionary spending.

By discretionary spending, I refer to non-committed departmental funding, such as repair and replacement of existing equipment, including the purchase of three police cruisers, two fire trucks, on a three year bond, two dump trucks for our highway department, on a three year bond, one caterpillar loader for our landfill, one trailer and tractor for our cemetery department, self-contained protective breathing apparatus for our fire fighters, trailer pickup truck and paint machine for our parks and recreation department and money for construction of a gazebo for our cultural counsel.

Our discretionary spending also includes new and expanded program initiatives such as senior activities, including field trips to plays and shows, expansion of outreach programs, including meals on wheels, counseling and medical care. Also, expansion of our after school child care program and the construction of a new soccer field.

The reliability over the years of Lottery funding does not mean whether our town can function properly or not, but what it does mean is it allows us, through discretionary funding to improve the quality of life for every resident of our community. It is a good bet for Raynham.

Thank you.


Susan Tucker.

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