CHAIRPERSON JAMES: Well, before we move on to our first panel of speakers, I'd like to point out to the audience that each of our speakers on our panel will have twenty minutes to give a brief presentation. And the rest of our time will be spent with dialogue between and among the Commissioners and the speakers. So I'm going to ask the Commissioners, as they are listening this morning, to develop questions and interaction and the quality of our time together will be greatly enhanced by our interaction with our panelists this morning.

And I've asked our panelists if they would summarize their prepared comments in order to allow more time for questions and dialogue. But we'll assure them that their full testimony will be entered into the transcript. And I've also encouraged our panelists during the discussion period to address the testimony and comments to their fellow panelists as well.

It is our intention here this morning to engage in an open and a very thorough discussion. And I'd also like to take this opportunity to inform each panelist that under the supplemental rules of the Commission, testimony before this Commission shall be considered to be done under oath.

The Commission may question witnesses and according to our rules if they ever want to be represented by counsel, that is certainly at their discretion.

CHAIRPERSON JAMES: At this time, I would like to introduce our distinguished panel of experts, who are going to speak to the issue of lotteries and the specific question, who plays. We have four panelists this morning, all of them will not be here immediately as we begin, but will be joining because of travel arrangements, at later times throughout the morning. I will however, introduce each of them at this particular point in time, and then, recognize them as they arrive.

Dr. Charles Clotfelter is the Z. Smith Reynolds Professor of Public Policy Studies, and Professor of Economics of Law at Duke University. He has coauthored the book, Selling Hope: State Lotteries in America. Dr. Clotfelter's schedule has been slightly delayed and he'll be arriving from the airport and joining us shortly.

Dr. Marvin Steinberg is the Executive Director of the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling and was involved in the development and implementation of the responsible gaming programs of Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casinos. Dr. Steinberg appears today in place of Dr. Lance Dodes, who is the Director of the Center for Problem Gambling at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts Dr. Dodes is unable to appear today. But it is my hope that the testimony that he would have provided will be submitted to the Commission for their review.

Rebecca Paul is the President of the Georgia Lottery Corporation and the President of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries. And Ms. Paul is the former Director of the Florida and Illinois State Lotteries, and the former President of the International Association of Lotteries.

Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger will also join this panel later this morning.

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