CHAIRPERSON JAMES: Under old business we had talked at one point about some additional committees/subcommittees, I think that's going to last for the life of the Commission. And I know that Commissioner Loescher would, I would recognize you at this time under old business to talk about that and perhaps offer a resolution.

COMMISSIONER LOESCHER: Yes. Madam Chairman, there are several areas as we go along that might be best dealt with, with committees of the Commission focusing on those issues. And what I'd like to propose is a motion that we enable the Chairman to consult with the Commissioners to enable one or more committees to be formed that could focus on issues over the life of the Commission.

One particular area of interest that I have is asking the Chairman and the Commission consider a committee to deal with Native American gaming as an example. There may be other issues that our Charter has that we may want to enable another committee to form on as we go forward.

Anyway, I'd like to make a motion that we enable the Chairman to consult with the Commissioners and the very near future to consider additional committees of the Commission and their empowerments.


CHAIRPERSON JAMES: It has been moved and properly seconded. Are there any questions, discussion? Commissioner Wilhelm.

COMMISSIONER WILHELM: I would certainly support that, and given the issues that the Executive Director raised before about the volume of information related to the meeting time, it seems to me that Commissioner Loescher's suggestion about your consideration of a subcommittee related to Indian gaming makes a great deal of sense. And I would personally be interested in serving on such a committee if that met with your approval.

And also, I think it would make a great deal of sense to have such a subcommittee on the Internet, which I would personally not be interested in serving on because I'm not computer literate.

CHAIRPERSON JAMES: With that in mind, I will be contacting the Commissioners to look at preferences and schedules and seeing who would be willing to take on what.

I'd like to go ahead then and hear Commissioner Lanni.

COMMISSIONER LANNI: Just looking at our supplemental rules, I'm not so sure we need this vote. Under Section 7 subcommittees, see subcommittees, I said it Madam Chair, the Chairman shall designate subcommittees of the Commission subject to the approval of the Commission.

CHAIRPERSON JAMES: Well, why don't we reserve the vote. I don't know what we do with a motion that's out there that's unnecessary. Can we just let it go Mr. General Counsel, or --?

MR. TERWILLIGER: Absolutely.

CHAIRPERSON JAMES: And what I'll do then is come back to the Commission with some recommendations on subcommittees which we can then vote on.

MR. TERWILLIGER: If you really want to be consistent with Roberts you could ask somebody to move to table the motion.


CHAIRPERSON JAMES: Thank you. Now the motion is tabled.

Thank you.

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