CHAIRPERSON JAMES: Since we like to put things for the record I just want to say for the record that we're back on schedule. What can I say.

Ladies and gentlemen we've looked at several legal and regulatory and constitutional issues surrounding the issue of Native American gambling. And our next two panels will take a look at the impact of Native American gambling on communities and on individuals.

And would you please help me welcome our next panelist who will address the issue of the social impact of Native American gambling. And joining us today are the Honorable Ron Allen, and if you would come forward as I call your name, President of the National Congress of American Indians. We also have joining us Ferdinand Notah, Executive Director of the Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development. Mr. Tom Tucker, Executive Director of the California Counsel on Problem Gambling and Dolly, a compulsive gambler.

Would our speakers please remember to keep your remarks to 10 minutes so that we have time to ask questions after your prepared testimony?

I would also encourage you to summarize your testimony and the full written record will be submitted. But I would ask you to summarize that information for the benefit of the Commission and I assure you that it will all be reviewed.

I would also remind you that you are presumed to be under oath.

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