CHAIRPERSON JAMES: As we go into our public comment period, I have asked that lunch be set up in a room not far from here and that Commissioners excuse themselves one or two at a time, go over and grab something to eat and come back and take a break so that we can pretty much stay on schedule and begin to try to make up some of the time that we lost this morning.

I guess that's not a good way of saying it because I don't think any of the time was lost. I think it really was a fascinating and very important discussion that we had. Let me ask you for the -- we will take a five-minute break here so that we can get appropriately set up for the public comment period. I'm going to ask that if you are signed up to give public comment that at this time you go to the back of the room to the Commission's table and a staff person will greet you back there and sort of line everyone up so that we can, in fact, go into our public comment period. Thank you.

CHAIRPERSON JAMES: I do apologize and thank you. We will progress -- if the Commissioners who are present could take their seats. I call this meeting back to order. And in the interest of maintaining fairness, I'd like to remind Commissioners that it's probably not a good idea not to either give agreement or dissent with the speakers.

I know that's difficult for us because we do like to do that on occasion and I'd like to remind our speakers that you have three minutes to speak and if you would please pay careful attention to our timer over here. And I would request that the audience refrain from any shows of agreement or displeasure as well, because it just eats into the time. And I am going to be turning the chair over to Commissioner Wilhelm.

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