CHAIRPERSON JAMES: I would ask that you come back to your seats. I would ask the audience to please be seated as well and we will continue. The next panel highlights some of the difficulties facing tribes, states and the Federal Government. Regulation and enforcement are issues that have remained unresolved since before Native American gambling was an issue and we look forward to hearing the diverse perspectives of our witnesses who have joined us today.

Joining us -- and I would ask that you please come forward as I call your name. Joining us for this discussion, I'm going to ask for order in the room so that we can hear our witnesses, Mr. Kevin Di Gregory, Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the U. S. Department's Criminal Division, welcome.

MR. Di GREGORY: Thank you.

CHAIRPERSON JAMES: And I understand that we are running late and you have a plane to catch, so I am going to change the order just a little bit in a minute.

MR. Di GREGORY: Thank you.

CHAIRPERSON JAMES: Ms. Penny Coleman, welcome, Deputy General Counsel of the Indian Gaming Commission; Mr. Gary Husk, Director of the Arizona Gaming Department and Mr. Jeff Metoxen, Chairperson of the Oneida Gaming Commission, welcome.

I remind our panelists that your remarks are presumed to be under oath and that you each have 15 minutes to speak. Where is our timer? Our timer is missing in action. Could I ask, Tim, would you go find out where we are? I understand -- I'm going to change the order and ask, Mr. Di Gregory that you go first and I would ask the Commissioners that we go ahead and ask any questions that we have and excuse this particular panelist at that point so that he can make his flight.

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