CHAIRPERSON JAMES: It is my privilege at this point to introduce the leaders of the Arizona Native American tribes who have honored us with their presence this morning and again, I would remind each of the speakers that you each have 10 minutes to speak. As you will see, there are timers here to assist you if you will just direct your attention over to our version of Vana White, Ms. DuCre', she will help you stay within the time limit that you have been allotted. I would ask that you come forward as I call your name. Joining us today are the Honorable Vivian Burdette, Chairperson of the Tonto Apache Tribe, the Honorable Dale Phillips, the Honorable Wayne Taylor and the Honorable David Kwail. We will begin by welcoming the Honorable Vivian Burdette. Chairperson Burdette, thank you so very much and we will continue after you have a chance to speak.

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