CHAIRPERSON JAMES: I am going to call forward our next panel, and thank you again.

I want to let those individuals who are standing in the back know that we have opened a room over here, and there is additional seating, and we would like for you to be as comfortable as you can. So I'd encourage you to move down and take some seats over there. And I would ask you to please keep it down in the room so we can hear from our panelists.

Our next issue panel -- again, I would ask your patience in keeping it down. Please come to the table as I call your name.

To help us grasp the complexity of the current debate we have three speakers who've had personal involvement in at least one aspect of the current debate in California.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to ask for order in the room, please. Thank you.

All of our panelists have been involved in at least one aspect of the current debate in California. Mr. Daniel Tucker, who is Chairman of the California-Nevada Indian Gaming Association; Mr. Daniel Kolkey, Counsel to Governor Pete Wilson and Legal Affairs Secretary, State of California; and Mr. Howard Dickstein, partner of Dickstein & Merin and Counsel for the Pala Tribe.

As we begin this panel, I remind our speakers that you are presumed to be under oath and that each of you will have 15 minutes to summarize your prepared testimony, and after your remarks Commissioners may ask questions. I would also encourage dialogue at that time.

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