CHAIRPERSON JAMES: I am going to ask the panelists as I call their names to please come forward. At this point it's my honor to recognize the Tribal leaders who so graciously accepted the Commission's invitation to be here this morning. On behalf of the Commission I'd like to express our appreciation for your interest in officially stating the concerns of the communities that you represent.

We are privileged to welcome The Honorable Anthony Pico, Chairman of the Viejas Band of Mission Indians, and --

MR. PICO: Viejas.

CHAIRPERSON JAMES: Viejas. You know what, this is going to be real problem for this Southern gal as the day goes on. I would just ask that if I absolutely mess up your name, just do as this gentleman did graciously and please correct, and please know that it is not intentional.

Chairman of the next is the Honorable Clifford Lachappa, Chairman of the Barona Tribe; the Honorable Robert -- we are very appreciative of all of our representatives this morning, but I'm really going to have to ask the audience to refrain from that sort of demonstration so that we can get through all of our agenda.

The Honorable Robert Smith, Chairman of the Pala Tribe of Mission Indians; The Honorable Richard Milanovich, Chairman of the Agua Caliente Band Tribal Council; and in fairness to other Tribal leaders I'll remind you that you each have ten minutes to speak. The timers are here to help you to guide that time. I should tell you ahead of time that I try to run a pretty tight ship here in order for us to get through and give appropriate time to each of our speakers. Thank you very much.

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