MR. McDEVITT: I'd like to introduce them to you prior to their speaking, so we don't have to go through this again.

We have William Lee, a gourmet food server, Edmundo Velasquez, a kitchen utility worker, Devon Brenner, a food server, Taria Manns, cocktail server and way in the wings is Jerry Breedon, a bartender.

MR. LEE: Good afternoon, my name is William Lee, and I work as a gourmet server at Resorts Hotel Casino in Atlantic City. I also serve as a shop steward for Local 54.

I feel that it is very important that this Commission take a good look at the many positives of the gaming industry, an industry that we, the voters of New Jersey, selected by way of referendum.

I have heard many of my co-workers over the years tell me that without casino gaming they would not be living in this area. I have met many people who live here, and who have lived here during the down periods before casino gaming, and were forced out due to the lack of quality job opportunities.

Today, I can say that my family has benefitted in many ways due to my union and the gaming industry.

I moved here to Atlantic City in 1981 to open up Playboy Casino Hotel. The reason I came to this area was to provide my family with a better opportunity and quality of life by working in the gaming industry. Through this industry, I was able to buy a new home here in Atlantic City almost ten years ago. Yes, I, too, am one of the many people in this area who enjoy the fact that I have a good job, with good health benefits, job security and real income. I can truly say the opportunities are here.

Thank you.

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