Mr. Weed.

MR. WEED: I've got to clear my throat.

I've been around compulsive gamblers for 29 years. I could talk for hours, and in three minutes I'm going to just talk on one subject and one subject along, which I wrote down so I won't get off the track.

It has to do with our children that Dominick just touched on. What message are we giving them on gambling? Is it good? Is it bad? Is it right or is it wrong?

Our fathers, mothers, grandparents, teachers, educators, clergy, all our leaders of our country have said that our children are our future leaders. I have always been taught to have a better way of life and to have a good life, I must work hard and receive a good education.

Of course, our message should always be that to our children. Nobody gets something for nothing. There are no free rides. Like the old advertisement once said, either you pay now or you pay later.

Our message to our kids today through the media is a way for them to have fun, whether or not our message comes from a burger company promotion that entices children to rub off scratch-offs similar to our state lottery or children's television promotions mail-in postcards. Come see the stars. Come get something for nothing. Pick up the toys. Pick up the gift certificates and other prizes, go on and on and on.

In my awareness, and this is the key, in my awareness they taught the grammar schools over 25 years ago. I would say to the class, "How many in the class gamble?" Gospel truth.

Five percent, five percent would raise their hand and gamble. Today we go into the grammar schools. I'm not talking high schools. I'm not talking colleges. You say, "How many in the classroom gamble?" An astonishing 90 percent of our children are gambling, are being taught a message.

We need strong leadership in defining where we're heading in our society. Hopefully this Commission will make representations to address these issues.

There are no -- I'm sorry. There are no educational criterias (phonetic) in our schools today. There are no criterias in our school today.

CHAIRMAN JAMES: Thank you, Mr. Weed.

MR. WEED: We need to educate our children regarding this problem with these educators.


MR. WEED: Doing nothing is not acceptable here.

CHAIRMAN JAMES: Thank you very much. I'm going to ask you to submit the rest of your comments for the record.

MR. WEED: It's already been submitted.

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