William Maguire.

MR. MAGUIRE: Good evening. My name is Bill Maguire. I'm a member of Local 54.

CHAIRMAN JAMES: I couldn't have guessed.

MR. MAGUIRE: I'm Bill Maguire, member of Local 54, bartender at the new Sheraton Hotel. I've been a resident for 20 years.

Being a bartender, one of the most frequently asked questions are: what has casino gambling done for me? Well, here's my answer.

Before casino gambling, I came here 12 summers in a row, could not find winter work, had to relocate. Then the good people of New Jersey voted casino gambling for Atlantic City.

I am now a resident of 20 years. I have a good job and a good life. Then they say, "Well" -- and then I ask them a question. "Well, how long have you been coming to Atlantic City?"

Some have been coming a long time. Some have been coming not too long. Then I tell them, "Do you remember what it was like, the lousy housing, no work, no nothing, the boardwalk deteriorating?"

I say, "Get in your car. Take a jitney ride. Look around. Brand new high school, housing in the inlet, everybody working that wants to work. Good jobs, jobs. All because of casino gambling. No other reason."

You wouldn't have a new convention hall. You wouldn't have a new Sheraton. You wouldn't have a baseball team. You wouldn't have a hockey team going into the old convention hall being refurbished if it weren't for gambling.

If it weren't for gambling, nobody in this house would be here. With that I conclude.

Thank you.


Mr. --


CHAIRMAN JAMES: That's not the rules.


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