Ms. Juanita Hooper.

MS. HOOPER: Yes. My name is Juanita Hooper. I was born in Atlantic City. I have had two jobs in the last 36 years, 18 years at Homburgers in women's retail store and 18 years at Bally's Park Place.

When I left Homburgers I was making $3.20 an hour with a one percent commission. Atlantic City was a summer resort. After Labor Day you could take a bowling ball and roll it down the boardwalk and not hit a soul.

I started at Bally as a slot booth supervisor with good salary and benefits. After a year, I went to dealing school and became a dealer. The salary even got better.

After six months' employment as a dealer, Bally reimbursed me for dealer school. My husband also has been at Bally's for 18 years and started as a dealer.

We both got promoted to the position of casino floor supervisor in 1983. Daniel, my husband, is now a pit supervisor.

Who would have thought with only a high school diploma you could make 40 to $50,000 a year? We bought our first home 15 years ago in Atlantic City. Now we're buying a new home in the inlet section of Atlantic City near the ocean. The development is called Madison Landing. Funding is handled through CREDA, the Casino Redevelopment Authority.

My husband Daniel and I have been married 24 years, 18 years while working at Bally. In addition to great benefits, the company offers a 401(k) type plan called Cashbuilder.

I meet people from all over the world and work with people from all over the world. Coming to work at Bally's so many years ago has turned out to be one of the best decisions we've ever made for our lives and our future.

Thank you.


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