NEGP Weekly Survey

Please take five minutes to complete the following user survey about the National Education Goals Panel publication you receive, the NEGP WEEKLY. Your answers will help the Panel to provide you with the most effective and user-friendly publication possible.

The NEGP WEEKLY is an on-line weekly publication that highlights digests of education stories in the popular press that relate to the eight National Education Goals. It includes stories from schools, districts and states across the country on how they are working toward improving education and reaching the National Education Goals. The publication specifically reports on education research and issues at the local, state and federal level.

  1. What topics are you most interested in (choose as many as you wish)?
    Early childhood education
    School completion
    Student achievement and citizenship
    Teacher education and professional development
    Math and science
    Adult literacy
    Safe, disciplined, and alcohol- and drug-free schools
    Parental participation

  2. How useful is the information in the NEGP WEEKLY to you and your organization?
    Very useful
    Somewhat useful
    Not useful

  3. Are the topics covered in the NEGP WEEKLY relevant to your area of interest?

  4. Do you use the NEGP WEEKLY in your work?

  5. In what ways do you use it?
    To inform decision and policy in my work
    For speeches and articles I prepare
    Background only
    I don't use it in my work

  6. How would you rate the length of the entire NEGP WEEKLY?
    Too long
    Just right
    Sometimes too short
    Sometimes too long
    Too short

  7. How would you rate the length of the individual articles within the NEGP WEEKLY?
    Too long
    Just right
    Sometimes too short
    Sometimes too long
    Too short

  8. How would you rate the presentation/layout of the NEGP WEEKLY?
    Good quality
    Fair quality
    Poor quality

  9. With how many other people in your office/organization do you share the NEGP WEEKLY?
    6 or more
    No one else

  10. How thoroughly do you read each issue of the NEGP WEEKLY?
    Most of it
    Some of it
    Do not read it

  11. How much time do you spend reading the NEGP WEEKLY?
    No more than 5 minutes
    5-10 minutes
    10-15 minutes
    15-30 minutes
    30 minutes or more

  12. Is the NEGP WEEKLY your primary source for recent media stories focused on education and Goals-based education reform?

  13. Is the NEGP WEEKLY your primary source for recent media stories focused on Goals-based education reform?

  14. How else do you receive updates on how the media is covering education issues?
    By a news clipping service
    By my own office monitoring
    I personally monitor the news
    I do not monitor

  15. When you use the NEGP website, are you doing so as a:
    Policy maker or legislator
    Writer or reporter
    Education administrator or manager
    Parent and family member
    Researcher or analyst
    Business person

  16. What state are you from? (Please find your state in the drop down menu below.)

  17. What changes would you like to see in the NEGP WEEKLY. Please feel free to add comments and/ or suggestions regarding this Goals Panel product.

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