Goals 3-4-5 Standards Implementation

The National Education Goals Panel since its inception has supported the development of challenging academic standards to help states measure and improve student achievement. While most states have now articulated their own education standards, recent data from TIMSS and NAEP show that implementation of those standards is in its early stages and has not yet had the desired impact on student achievement. Governor Hunt, the 1997 Panel chair, saw a need to focus attention on this issue and examine how states are implementing their standards.

The Goals 3-4-5 Standards Implementation Advisory Committee, a group of educators and policymakers with practical experiences working with standards and related policies, represents 16 key education, business and policymaker associations. The committee met four times during 1997. The group recommended the kinds of policies, infrastructure and public support needed for standards to have their intended impact upon teaching and learning. They are a resource regarding ways the Panel, participating organizations and others may help implement standards that raise student achievement and help the nation meet Goal 3 (Student Achievement), Goal 4 (Teacher Education and Professional Development), and Goal 5 (High Mathematics and Science Achievement). The group presented its recommendations to the Goals Panel at its November 1997, meeting. The Panel adopted these recommendations at its February 1998 meeting.

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