President's Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry

Appendix C
Subcommittee Membership

Consumer Rights, Protections, and Responsibilities Quality Measurement Creating a Quality Improvement Environment Roles & Responsibilities of Public/Private Purchasers & Quality Oversight Organizations
Peter Thomas (Chair) Sheila Leatherman (Chair) Mary Wakefield (Chair) Sandra Hernandez (Co-Chair)
Gail Warden (Co-Chair)
Christine Cassel L. Ben Lytle Betty Bednarczyk Robert Georgine
James Chao Beverly Malone Donald Berwick S. Diane Graham
Nan Hunter Paul Montrone Gerald McEntee Val Halamandaris
Sylvia Drew Ivie Risa Lavizzo-Mourey Phillip Nudelman Marta Prado
Randall MacDonald Thomas Reardon Herbert Pardes Kathleen Sebelius
Ronald Pollack Alan Weil Christopher Queram Steven Sharfstein
Stephen Wiggins Robert Ray Sheldon Weinhaus

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