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1 But, you know, somebody has got to look out
2 for what is happening in the classroom with teachers
3 that need better preparation, the appropriate curriculum
4 that matches to the student population, the curriculum
5 that's been tested, that it's not a hit or miss, that
6 maybe they'll learn it, maybe they won't. We.
7 Pick these because we like them. We're going
8 to pick this curriculum. But focusing on getting --
9 giving those kids an early chance when they're really
10 young to succeed.
11 MS. MAZZUCA: Charlie.
12 MR. GARCIA: We're winding down. It's 4:20.
13 I know everyone wants to freshen it up.
14 I want to make a suggestion which I had made
15 at the last meeting but a lot of us left. We didn't get
16 a consensus. I'm currently not on a committee because I
17 want to chair a different committee. The committee gets
18 your answer to your question.
19 The federal government has a role in
20 education, but it's not really federal government, it's
21 state government. I'm a state official. It's really
22 the superintendent, but it's really not the
23 superintendent.
24 It's the school boards and the school boards
25 are elected by the people. So it's ultimately the

1 people. If the people don't have the information, we
2 don't market and develop the public awareness and
3 motivate them to get their public officials and their
4 school superintendents to change, none of the great
5 stuff we come up is ever going to happen.
6 So I'm suggesting that there should be a
7 different work group. That work group should be public
8 awareness and motivation, similar to what we saw in
9 Texas.
10 My suggestion is that Leslie, our esteem
11 executive director, participate in that committee for
12 two reasons. One, it's her expertise, and, two, it
13 can't really come off unless you have the cooperation of
14 not only the White House, but the Department of
15 Education.
16 Recently Leslie helped me with a radio show
17 I'm doing now called (Speaking Spanish) and the show
18 started with all the different issues in education that
19 are affecting the Hispanic communities in south Florida,
20 and one of the first topics we talked about was teacher
21 shortage.
22 So Leslie coordinated with me and was able to
23 put a package together called (Speaking Spanish). They
24 were sent a kit with about $40 worth of information in
25 there for free.

1 When I was at the radio show, I challenged
2 the other media outlets, Hispanic media outlets, to
3 participate in a public service campaign and change the
4 image of teachers.
5 Last week I got letters from (Speaking
6 Spanish names) and two other big radio stations.
7 Whenever you're ready, we're ready to do whatever you
8 need to do.
9 And I was reading in the former books there
10 had been campaigns done in the past, but they were short
11 campaigns.
12 Recruitment of teachers is maybe one of ten
13 issues that we identified and I think we need to have a
14 (Speaking Spanish). She's willing to do a show also on
15 education. I think there is a great opportunity for
16 this committee to take credit for, participate in that
17 effort.
18 So I am suggesting there should be a fifth --
19 there should be a fifth work group that myself, Leslie
20 and others in this room participate on which would be
21 public awareness and motivation.
22 MR. HERNANDEZ: What does a kit have?
23 MR. GARCIA: This particular one, I went to
24 the Department of Education and they gave me what they
25 had available and I reviewed it. They have tons of

1 information and the trick is getting the right
2 information into the hands of the community.
3 Half of the information was in Spanish, half
4 of it was not. But the point is we should be developing
5 strategically long term a campaign and there should be a
6 focused effort in the materials that we're giving to the
7 president and the recommendations that we're making
8 because it's part of what we're supposed to do.
9 We're supposed to increase parental, state
10 and local, private sector and communities involvement in
11 improving education. To do that you have need a public
12 warns and motivational campaign.
13 MR. HANNA: What I would like to suggest
14 because I think this -- this recommendation of Charles
15 may prompt some discussion. We do have some time
16 tomorrow.
17 What I would like to do is -- we don't have a
18 specific agenda for when we get together as a commission
19 tomorrow. I would suggest that we take this up as the
20 first order of business.
21 I think we're about through with comments
22 specifically about the working group on community
23 partnerships. It led into this, with a seque.
24 Like I said, I am going to suggest that we
25 take that up first when we're gathered.

1 When we get back, we're going to go through
2 the other working group and then we'll have a general
3 discussion by the entire commission and we'll take that
4 up first and move to other items that people may want to
5 bring up.
6 (Meeting adjourned at 4:50 a.m.)

) ss
4 I, Wanda L. Barnes, Certified Shorthand
5 Reporter, do hereby certify that I took down in
6 Stenotype all of the proceedings had in the
7 before-entitled matter at the time and place indicated
8 and that thereafter said shorthand notes were
9 transcribed into typewriting at and under my direction
10 and supervision and that the foregoing transcript
11 constitutes a full, true and accurate record of the
12 proceedings had.
13 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my
14 hand and affixed my official seal in my office in the
15 County of Clark, State of Nevada, this _______ day of
16 ________________, 2002.
18 Wanda L. Barnes, CCR No. 676, RPR

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