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Dean Andal
A Prohibition on Discriminatory Ad Valorem Taxation on Interstate Telecommunications
Word (52 K)
Dean Andal
A Uniform Jurisdiction Standard
Word (73 K)
Robert D. Atkinson, et. Al.
Internet Taxation
Word (56 K)
Danielle Bujnak
Proposal for Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce
Word (42 K)
Kaye Caldwell
A State Cooperative Approach to Collection of Use Taxes in Interstate Commerce
PDF (48 K)
Austin W. Dunn
Multijurisdiction Electronic Commerce Taxation Proposal
Word (60 K)
WordPerfect (40 K)
e-Freedom Coalition
The e-Freedom Coalition's Proposal
cover letter - Word (241 K)
proposal - Word (293 K)
e-Commerce Coalition
Simplification of the State and Local Sales and Use Tax System
Word (124 K)
Wayne Eggert
Electronic Commerce; Modernization and Sales Tax Simplification Proposal
Word (33 K)
Jeffrey A. Eisenach
The High Cost of Taxing Telecom
letter - Word (25 K)
summary - Word (22 K)
proposal - Word (284 K)
Clifford A. Farmer
Proposal from The Sales Tax Clearinghouse
Word (59 K)
Paul Francisco
Sales and Use Tax Collection on Interstate Purchases
text (36 K)
Peter H. Friedman
Utilizing Existing Principle of Intangible Asset Taxation and Applying Them to Electronic Commerce
Word (48 K)
James Gilmore
Policy Statement: (Proposed for Consensus Adoption and Inclusion In Policies & Options Paper)
Word (80 K)
James M. Goldberg
Proposal from the North American Retail Dealers Association
Word (25 K)
David Hardesty
Sales Use Tax Plan: Creation of the Multistate Tax Service
Word (50 K)
Ernest F. Hollings
Senator Hollings Bill S. 1433 and responses to the Criteria for Evaluation of Alternative Proposals
Word (37 K)
Richard N. Kappler
A Proposal for Fostering the Fast and Efficient Development and Operation of Internet Web Hosting Facilities
Word (39 K)
John Kasich
Internet Tax Elimination Act
proposal - Word (50 K)
bill draft - PDF (63 K)
Alistair Kelman
The easyClear White Paper
Word (73 K)
Ronald E. Knox
Proposal to Address Issues of State and Local Taxation of Internet Transactions for the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce
cover letter - Word (103 K)
proposal - Word (220 K)
Keith G. Landry
Proposal for State and Local Taxation of the Telecommunications Industry
Word (48 K)
Michael O. Leavitt
Streamlined Sales Tax System for the 21st Century
Word (59 K)
David A. Lifson
The Proposal from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Word (56 K)
J. William McArthur
A Modest Principle: No Net Net Tax
Word (47 K)
Thomas A. McGuire
The Zip Code Tax
Word (35 K)
Charles E. McLure
Radical Simplification of State Sales and Use Taxes: The Prerequisite for and Expanded Duty to Collect Use Tax on Remote Sales
WordPerfect (41 K)
Word (73 K)
William P. Olders
A Foundation for Automating the Taxation of E-Commerce
cover letter - PDF (2 K)
proposal - PDF (147 K)
Jon M. Peha
Proposal on Taxation of Electronic Commerce
PDF (23 K)
David Polatseck
Sales Tax Simplification Proposal
Word (39 K)
Diann L. Smith
Proposal from the Committee on State Taxation
Word (79 K)
Mark Stackpoole
ATRACS Corporation
Word (37 K)
Daniel L. Sullivan
Adapting Tax Technology to the Internet - the eCommerce Transaction Tax Server
Word (729 K)
Joseph F. Taricani
The Simplication of Collections and Remittance on Remote Consumer Sales
Word (74 K)
Hal R. Varian
A Proposal to Eliminate Sales and Use Taxes
Word (24 K)
Andrew Wagner /
Wade Anderson
Proposal of an Origin Based Tax Solution for the Possible Taxation of Digitized Products Sold Over the Internet
Word (46 K)
William F. Willbrand, Jr.
Sales/Use Tax Settlement System
Word (43 K)
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