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National Drought Policy Commission (NDPC)

Attendees - September 22, 1999 Meeting

Deputy Secretary Richard Rominger

Al Peterlin, for Secretary Glickman

Leona Dittus, Director and Speaker

Warren Lee, Speaker

Commission Members:

Dan Glickman, Chair

Ronald Morriss, Vice Chair

Robert C. "Bob" Brown

Bruce Smith for Brian Burke

Mayor Sam Kathryn Campana

Ane Deister

Jim Laver for John Kelly, Jr.

Jane Pease for Bernard Kulik

Rosann Gonzalez for Eluid Martinez

Robert Miller

Harold Reheis for Roy Barnes

Ernesto Rodriguez

Brian Schweitzer

Leon Smothers

Larry Zensinger

In addition to the members and speakers, there were approximately 35 others in attendance.