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Tribe: Hopi Tribe

Location: Located in northeastern Arizona, approximately 185 miles north of Phoenix, and about 230 miles west of Albuquerque.

Planning Process: The Hopi Tribe is developing a drought contingency plan. They are in the process of writing the draft final plan. The draft monitoring plan is on the internet at for review and comment by agencies previously contacted. Also completed is a draft "Preliminary Assessment of Water Availability on Hopi Lands" which includes an appendix on water development needs and costs on Hopi range lands. The Tribe expects to complete the plan, in draft format, in May 2000.

Contact: Beverly Suderman
Natural Resources Planner
PO Box 123
Kykotsmovi, AZ 86039
Phone: 520-734-3626 FAX: 520-734-3819

Tribe: Pueblo of Zuni

Location: Located in southwestern New Mexico, approximately 140 miles west of Albuquerque, and about 40 miles south of Gallup, near the Arizona border.

Planning Process: The Pueblo of Zuni is developing a drought contingency plan. They have hired a contractor who is tasked with the development of a draft monitoring plan and water availability assessment which should be completed in May 2000. The Pueblo will then begin public meetings using those documents as the basis for discussion. From the public meetings, they expect to get input for the development of triggers, responses, and mitigation alternatives. The Pueblo has put together a hydrology library and is reviewing those documents for demand estimates, history of droughts, etc. They expect to have a draft plan in October 2000.

Contact: Kirk Bemis
Zuni Conservation Project
PO Box 339
Zuni, NM 87327-0339
Phone: 505-782-5852
FAX: 505-782-2726
Email: none

Tribe: Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians

Location: Located in northwestern Arizona, approximately 60 miles east of St. George, Utah and 20 miles west of Freedonia, Arizona, within the Arizona Strip.

Planning Process: The Kaibab are developing a drought contingency plan. They have almost completed an assessment of water resources which consists of documentation of all of the springs on the reservation. The assessment includes the condition of the spring as to its potential for development and what could be done in terms of development or maintenance to increase the water supply of the Band. They attempted to form a drought planning task force. This was not successful so they decided to use the same approach as the Zuni: Write a draft and then take it out for public participation. They expect to complete the draft final plan in September 2000 and begin a round of public meetings.

Contact: Roger Holland
Tribal Planner
HC 65 Box 2
Pipe Spring, AZ 86022
Phone: 520-643-7245
FAX: 520-643-7260
Email: none

Tribe: Hualapai Nation

Location: Located on the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Coconino and Mohave Counties of northwestern Arizona approximately 45 miles north of Kingman, Arizona.

Planning Process: The agreement with the Hualapai was just approved by the contracting officer in April of 2000. Once the Hualapai have signed the agreement and Reclamation executes the agreement, work will begin. This is estimated to be around the middle of May.

Contact: Kerry Christenson
Senior Wildlife Biologist
PO Box 300
Peach Springs, AZ 86434
Phone: 520-769-2254
FAX: 520-769-2309
Email: none

Tribe: San Carlos

Location: Located in east-central Arizona, approximately 135 miles east of Phoenix.

Planning Process: The San Carlos Apache Tribe has completed a report on drought impacts associated with the San Carlos Lake. The plan has been used to understand the necessary lake levels required to support the lake’s trophy fishery during periods of drought. The plan process resulted in a Congressional "write-in" to purchase Central Arizona Project exchange water during the summer of 1999. This action saved the fishery and protected the local economy.

Contact: Ned Anderson
CAP Project Coordinator
San Carlos Apache Tribe
P.O. Box 0
San Carlos, Arizona 85550
Phone: 520-475-3832

Tribe: Navajo Nation

Location: Located in northeastern Arizona, approximately 30 miles east of Flagstaff covering the four corners area.

Planning Process: The Nation has completed an assessment of its water resources and plans to complete its nationwide drought contingency plan for submission to Congress by October 1, 2000.

Contact: Dr. John Leeper
Water Management Branch
Navajo Department of Water Resources
PO Box 678
Ft. Defiance, Arizona 87504
Phone: 520-729-4004
FAX: 520-729-4126

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