Washington State Drought Programs

Program Title: Washington Drought Regulations

Function: Response, Monitoring and Prediction

Program Assistance or Functional Assistance: The legislature in 1989 gave permanent drought relief authority to the Dept. of Ecology and enabled Ecology to issue orders declaring drought emergencies. Ecology has authority under chapter 171, Laws of 1989, to issue emergency permits to withdraw public waters as an alternate source of water supply, approve water right transfers between willing parties, and provide funding assistance for eligible drought projects and measures.

Statute or Authority: Chapter 173-166 WAC

Agencies (primary agency listed first): Washington State Dept. of Ecology

Customers Served: State of Washington

Triggering Event or Circumstance-How does this program relate to drought? Declaration of drought by the Dept. of Ecology

Unmet Needs at federal, state, local and tribal levels. Includes changes from customer or "provider" perspective: No data

Program Limitations: No data

Contact Name and Phone Number: No data