South Dakota State Drought Programs

Program Title: South Dakota State Drought Recovery Operation Procedures

Function: Mitigation, Planning, Response, Communication

Program Assistance or Functional Assistance: Under the direction and activation by the Governor, a Task Force of state agency representatives is formed to monitor the drought situation and determine the need for state response actions and activation in the event of a drought. Pre-drought monitoring with the weather service is conducted by the Task Force to determine situation potential and expectations.

Statute or Authority: Chapter 33-15 South Dakota Codified Law (Emergency Management)

Agencies (primary agency listed first): Office of the Governor; Departments of Agriculture, Game, Fish & Parks, Military and Veterans' Affairs, Environment & Natural Resources; other state agencies as support

Customers Served: Local governments and citizens of South Dakota

Triggering Event or Circumstance-How does this program relate to drought? Existing drought conditions are determined by a periodic situation analysis conducted by the Task Force and presented to the Governor. Under drought conditions the Governor may activate additional response actions such as the Drought Assistance Office, reporting damage assessment, recommendations and order the termination of activities upon its conclusion.

Unmet Needs at federal, state, local and tribal levels. Includes changes from customer or "provider" perspective: Support of all needs of producers and retail business not directly subsidized under available programs.

Program Limitations: Declaration of drought disaster by the Governor; Federal declaration of emergency, and monetary assistance. Availability of resources for livestock and domestic use. Economic support of farmers, ranchers, and dependent retail business. Actions of SD Legislature.

Contact Name and Phone Number: SD Division of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of Emergency Management, Darrell Dvorak, State Coordinator NFIP
(605) 773-3239