Missouri State Drought Programs

Program Title: Missouri Drought Response Plan

Function: Response, Monitoring and Prediction, Communication, Planning

Program Assistance or Functional Assistance: Provides for operations and administrative procedures. Activates Drought Assessment Committee, Impact Task Forces, Governor's Drought Executive Committee, and State Emergency Operations Center. Governor's declaration empowers State agencies to implement water shortage emergency actions.

Statute or Authority: State Water Resources Plan (Revised statutes of Missouri Chapters 640.415)

Agencies (primary agency listed first): Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources, Missouri Dept. of Agriculture, Missouri Dept. of Public Safety, Missouri Dept. of Conservation, Missouri Dept. of Social Services, University of Missouri-Columbia, DOC, USDA, US Army, DOI, EPA, FEMA

Customers Served: Water supply systems of individual ranchers and farmers, local governments, federal agencies, domestic water users, health care facilities, public uses such as electric power generation, firefighting, key military facilities, communications, and wastewater systems

Triggering Event or Circumstance-How does this program relate to drought? Water Resources Program Director declares drought alert for any region of the State; then the Director of the Department of Natural Resources may activate and chair the Drought Assessment Committee.

Unmet Needs at federal, state, local and tribal levels. Includes changes from customer or "provider" perspective: Lack of U.S. coordinated response to meld with State response plan. Need for State Climatologist to be available for consultation. Lack of a permanent source or mechanism of drought response and mitigation funds at the federal or state level.

Program Limitations: Early stages are voluntary conservation measures. State mitigation grant or loan funds are limited and may be available only through mechanisms not well coordinated with emergency response plan.

Contact Name and Phone Number: Steve A. McIntosh
(573) 751-2867