Indiana State Drought Programs

Program Title: Water Shortage Plan

Function: Response, Planning

Program Assistance or Functional Assistance: The purpose of this plan is to provide the State of Indiana with an effective and systematic plan to assess and manage the State's water resources during a water shortage or potential water shortage to respond, to the maximum extent practicable, to the needs of its water users while protecting its environment. It is intended to serve as a tool for the State of Indiana to guide the use and management of the state's water resource as the availability of that resource diminishes during events such as drought.

Statute or Authority: Indiana Code 13-2-6.1-10

Agencies (primary agency listed first): Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources, USGS

Customers Served: Citizens and environments of Indiana

Triggering Event or Circumstance-How does this program relate to drought? No data

Unmet Needs at federal, state, local and tribal levels. Includes changes from customer or "provider" perspective: No data

Program Limitations: No data

Contact Name and Phone Number: No data