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سلطة الائتلاف المؤقتة
Coalition Provisional Authority
South-Central Region
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Karbala Province


Description of Province

Karbala is the name of the capitol and the province as well.  It is about 108 km southwest of Baghdad.  It is an agricultural city and is famous for oranges, pomegranates, and dates.  The Shrines of Imam Hussein and Imam Abbass are located in the center of the city and are very important to the Shi'aa.  These two brothers Imam Hussein and Imam Abbass were related to the Prophet Muhammad.  Their father Imam Ali (The Shrine in Najaf is named for him) was the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad.  All the people are Shi'aa.



UN Data 2003

Towns in Karbala Province

Karbala Center 541,758
Ain Tamer 20,397
Al-Jadoal Al-Karbi 161,685
Total 723,840


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