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Tuesday, November 4, 2003
Hilary White (8821-6511-41474)


dedication of highway police station for babil province


Hilla, Babil.  Babil Province police dedicated a new highway police station on Monday, November 3, 2003.  The police station, located in Latifiyah, will protect parts of Highway One.

As the very first police station for Highway One, it will protect Iraqis as they travel north and south within this section of the country.  The police station will also help encourage the financial health of the area, since the highway serves as a vital thoroughfare for export and import activities.

The former regime constructed the shell of the building for a proposed police station.  But the former regime failed to finish the work, allowed the shell of the building to fall into complete disrepair, and the police station was never built – leaving an important area unsecured. 

Working together, the Coalition Provisional Authority provided the funding for the new police station, and the 504th Military Police Battalion worked with Iraqi contractors to finish the building and provided expert training for the police.  The Governor of Babil Province, Chief of Police for Babil Province, and Sheiks representing Sunnis and Shiites also played an integral role in the building of this new highway police station.  Remarked an Iraqi present at the dedication,

This doesn’t look like a police station, it looks like a palace, because before the War of Liberation, the police stations were dark like caves…this police station is very shiny and clean!

The new highway police station provides important law enforcement coverage for the area of Latifiyah and the highway.  Colonel Fathil Al-Sultani, the Babil Province Police Chief, said

The thieves and criminals don’t want this highway to be safe, and that’s why it’s very important to build the highway police station here…I ask the Sheiks and all the people to work together with the policemen…we ask everyone to stand together. 

 Babil Province Governor Iskander Witwit encouraged the police in their new role saying,


The former regime pitted the policemen against the people…now we need to know the policemen are for the people…they are the right hand in securing Iraq…I am asking the policemen to give all you can give to protect all of the people of Babil Province.

A strong police force is an integral part of increasing security, and the people of Babil Province can take pride in their new highway police station, as well as their highly trained police officers.  A secure and safe environment is essential as Iraqis move forward toward democracy and a sovereign government.


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