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Thursday, October 30, 2003


police officers graduate in the first class for
advanced police training


Hilla, Babil.  Almost 120 policemen graduated on Thursday, October 30, in the first class held to teach advanced police training in Babil Province.  The three week training course further educated officers and senior leaders on advanced police skills and duties.    

The Babil Province Police Chief congratulated the graduates and said, “I call on you my brothers to apply all that you have learned from the academy and to have good application on the streets when you do your job.”  He said that the honest people would be watching the police officers and asked the police officers to “stand by their side when you fight crime.” 

The Coalition Provisional Authority designed and funded the advanced police training course, and the 442nd Military Police Company taught and trained the police officers.  Some of the graduates will also participate in the next class.  In this way, these highly trained officers will teach other police officers the skills they learned.

A strong police force is an integral part of increasing security, and the people of Babil Province can take pride in these highly trained police officers.  A secure and safe environment is essential as Iraqis move forward toward a democratic government. 


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