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 Saturday, September 6, 2003


u.s. Secretary of Defense visits babil province


Al Hilla, Babil Province.  The Honorable Donald H. Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense, visited Babil Province on Saturday, September 6. 

Secretary Rumsfeld began the day at Camp Babylon, where he toured the Babylonian Ruins with the Governor of Babil, Sayyed Iskandar Jawad Witwit, as well as the Coalition Provisional Authority South-Central Regional Coordinator, Mr. Mike Gfoeller.

Secretary Rumsfeld then met with the Multinational Division troops at Camp Babylon.  He and Polish Major General Andrzej Tyszkiewicz also participated in a press conference, where they reinforced the coalitionís commitment to assist the Iraqi people as they step forward toward self-government. 

After the press conference, Secretary Rumsfeld visited a mass grave site in Al Hilla, where he saw first hand evidence of the terrible atrocities from the former regime.  The Coalition rid Iraq of Saddam Husseinís cruel regime, and the Coalition will continue to assist the Iraqi people.

Secretary Rumsfeldís trip stressed that the Coalition will remain committed to helping Iraq as it progresses towards democracy.


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