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South-Central Region




Sunday, August 10, 2003


distributions made to al aNbar province for area projects


Al Ramadi, Al Anbar.  The Coalition Provisional Authority South-Central today provided around $1.33 Million (2.39 billion Iraqi Dinars*) to fund over 25 community projects in Al Anbar Province.  The projects will assist Ramadi, Fallujah, and other towns within Al Anbar. 


The projects in Ramadi include repairs to the hospital water treatment facility pump, soccer stadium, sewer station, sanitation department, train station, and Al Maard Street repavement.  Projects in Fallujah include repairs to the sewage system, train station, television station, Saqlawiya Pontoon Bridge, police station, and the sports complex.   


Assisting the people in Al Anbar Province is an important goal for the Coalition Provisional Authority.  Within the last four weeks, the Coalition Provisional Authority has also given more than $2.8 million (5.04 billion Iraqi Dinars *) to Al Anbar Province.  Today’s money brings that total to $4.13 million (7.43 billion Iraqi Dinars *).      


Al Anbar project funding will employ local people from the community, and it is part of a larger initiative to help Iraqis as they move forward toward self-government.  The money for Al Anbar will be used for important community projects in Fallujah and Ramadi.  These projects represent another step in bringing the government back to the Iraqi people.




* Assuming $1 equal 1,800 Iraqi Dinars.


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