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South-Central Region




Sunday, August 3, 2003


distributions made to AL-Najaf for SCHOOLS AND OTHER projects


Al-Najaf, Al-Najaf.  The Coalition Provisional Authority South-Central today provided around $290,000 (464,000,000 Iraqi Dinars*) to fund community repair projects in An Najaf Province.    


Of the total amount, $190,000 (304,000,000 Iraqi Dinars*) will be used to repair and improve school buildings within An Najaf Province.  Repairing and improving these schools creates a better learning environment for children and increases opportunities for their futures as they learn in a free Iraq.  CPA believes that a good educational system is essential as Iraq progresses toward self-government.     


The An Najaf Province project funding, which will employ local people from the community, is part of a larger initiative to help Iraqis as they move forward toward democracy.  CPA South-Central will announce other projects in the coming weeks.



* Assuming $1 equal 1,600 Iraqi Dinars.


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