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South-Central Region




Sunday, August 3, 2003


distributions made to Al qadisiyah province for area projects


Ad Diwaniyah, Al Qadisiyah.  The Coalition Provisional Authority South-Central today provided around $920,000 (1.47 billion Iraqi Dinars*) as a first payment to fund 20 community projects in Al Qadisiyah Province.  The projects include repairing City Hall, an Education Building, the Water Plant, the Islamic Cultural Center, the City Water Department, the City Sewage Plant, Schools, and an Internet Café. 


The other payments will be made as progress is completed.  A total of $1.48 million (2.37 billion Iraqi Dinars*) is budgeted for the 20 projects.  The projects should be completed in the next two months and will employ people from the local community. 


The Qadisiyah Province project funding is part of a larger initiative to help Iraqis as they move forward toward self-government and democracy.




* Assuming $1 equal 1,600 Iraqi Dinars.


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