Citizens In Karbala Condemn Mehdi Militia

Karbala, Iraq. Numerous Iraqis from Karbala notified the Coalition Provisional Authority that they had signed a petition condemning the actions of the Jaish Al Mehdi Militia and what they have done to Karbala and to the Holy Shrines. These citizens of Karbala are angry that the Jaish Al Mehdi Militia continues to try to threaten downtown Karbala. Most of the signatures came from this same area.

During the past weeks, the residents of Karbala have seen a rogue upstart and his militia disrespect the Holy City of Karbala, the Holy Shrine of the Imam Hussein, and the Holy Shrine of the Imam Abbas. Karbala has watched income to the city dry up, because people are afraid to make important pilgrimages to the Holy Shrines.

The people in Karbala want to complete important reconstruction projects, that have now been stopped because of the unrest and violence caused by the Jaish Al Mehdi Militia. The citizens of Karbala want peace and stability in their city. They want to continue moving forward toward a sovereign and democratic Iraq.

CPA stands with the people of Karbala, and we will continue to assist them as they build a better life in a new democratic Iraq.