Seabee Contracting Team Awards Landmark Contract

Al Anbar Province, Iraq — The First Marine Expeditionary Force Engineer Group (I MEG) awarded its first contract to an Iraqi company here in a landmark step toward a self-sufficient, free Iraq.

I MEG’s Officer in Charge of Construction (OICC) awarded the contract for the Al-Mostawda and Al-Malab Road — Road and Gutter Replacement project to Awad Jasim Dhayresh, who began construction immediately following the award.

The project, valued at $100,000, was advertised for competitive bid to the local Iraqi workforce and is critical to the completion of work on a heavily traveled city road that runs through the city of Ar Ramadi. The project calls specifically for the building of a new curb and gutter along a section of Al-Mostawda and Al-Malab Roads.

The contract covers almost two kilometers of road and includes removal of the existing curb and gutter.
According to Lt. Cameron Smith, contracting officer for the project, this project serves as a first step toward the MEG OICC’s goal of contracting directly with local firms while working with local government officials to solicit, evaluate and award meaningful projects to reputable companies.

Lt. Cmdr. Mike McCormack, who is OICC’s assistant officer in charge, said, “This project reflects the vision set forth by our leadership, which is to improve the infrastructure of Iraq. At the same time, it accelerates security and stability in the City of Ar Ramadi by putting Iraqis back to work.”

I MEG and its subordinate commands are deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom II to directly support the First Marine Expeditionary Force.