CPA Al Anbar Governorate
Al Ramadi, Iraq


Al Anbar Governorís Office to Accept Applications for new Iraqi Electoral Commission
May 10 Ė 14, 2004

Nominations from interested citizens of Al Anbar Governorate for the new national eight-member Iraqi Electoral Commission (IEC) should be submitted to the Governorís Office in Al Ramadi during the four-day period of May 10, 11, 12, and 13 from 10:00 AM until 14:00 PM. Paper application packets and printed information may be picked up at the Governorís Office during the same hours from May 10-13, or downloaded off of the Internet website at and printed. Applications must be completed fully, and delivered to the Governorís Office where they will be registered by an official from the Coalition Provisional Authority.

Nominations may also be submitted electronically through the Internet, and the electronic forms and instructions for this process can be found at . The website will offer information in both Arabic and Kurdish.

All completed nomination packets received in Al Ramadi will be deposited in a secure container, and then presented to a special United Nations team for examination and processing. The eight Commission members will then be selected from a list of qualified finalists, and the Iraqi Electoral Commission will be announced at the end of June. The Iraqi Electoral Commission will have the exclusive authority for the conduct of all elections in Iraq required under the Transitional Administrative Law.