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Sunday, March 28 -- Today Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) Administrator Ambassador L. Paul Bremer congratulated the Iraqi Minister of Health, Dr. Khudair Abbas, for becoming the first Ministry to reach a milestone on the road to sovereignty. This action begins the return of ministries to Iraqi authority.

"Together, Dr. Abbas, Jim Haveman (Coalition Senior Advisor for Health), and their staffs have laid a foundation for a stronger and more efficient health care system. It has been a period of not only rebuilding, but of training and development after more than 30 years of neglect and isolation. We have reopened Iraq's doors to global technology and advancement," stated Ambassador Bremer.

The Coalition has been and continues to work with their Iraqi partners to bring about a fundamental change in their government operates and serves its people.

To reach this milestone, the Iraqi Ministry of Health developed short and long-term strategic plans, a budget, and an administrative reorganization. Fundamental management systems have been put in place, and more importantly, a system of checks and balances has been implemented to deter and root out corruption.

According to Dr. Abbas, "Today is the beginning of a new era in Iraq. We will change a system that was exploited and abused by the former regime. With the aid of our friends, the Coalition, we have begun to build a new Iraq and restore the Iraqi healthcare system."

Under the leadership of Mr. Haveman and Dr. Abbas, the Ministry of Health has already achieved the following:
* Increased Iraq's budget by $932 million. Under Saddam in 2002,
the national health care budget was $16 million, and the 2004 budget is $948 million;
* Delivered 30,000 tons of pharmaceuticals and healthcare supplies
to facilities across Iraq;
* Implementing a National Drug Formulary;
* Achieved at least pre-war capabilities for providing health care
- 240 Iraqi hospitals and more than 1,200 primary health centers are operating; and,
* Procured and distributed 30 million doses of children's

The Coalition will continue to provide technical assistance as requested by the Iraqi Ministry of Health and will oversee the $793 million in health care assistance in the special supplemental appropriation requested by U.S. President George W. Bush.

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