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Baghdad, IraqOctober 25, 2003Iraq’s Ministry of Municipalities & Public Works is expanding its job creation program this week to the northern governorates of Dohuk, Erbil, and Suleimaniyah.


The Ministry’s program, “Towards a Cleaner and Brighter Iraq,” employs tens of thousands of Iraqis to clean their neighborhoods of trash, sewage, and rubble. The program was first initiated earlier this month in 11 of Iraq’s 18 governorates. 


“The jobs program is a major thrust to rebuild a free Iraq by supporting Iraqis to improve their lives and their communities,” said Nesreen Berwari, Minister of  Municipalities & Public Works.  “I am glad to see these three governorates starting the program.  It is time for all Iraqis to make this country the lead representative of the Middle East.”       


The Ministry began the job creation program earlier this month with support from the Coalition Provisional Authority.  All workers earn four thousand Iraqi dinars per day, paid every two weeks.  Supervisors manage ten to 15 workers and receive five thousand Iraqi dinars per day.


“We encourage all Iraqis interested in working to apply for this program and to help support their families and to improve their living environment,” said Minister Berwari.  “This program will help support the economy and build confidence within communities across Iraq.  Most of these communities are benefiting for the first time from the hard work of their own citizens.” 


The three other northern governorates and Baghdad will be rolling out their programs in November, making the job creation program complete nationwide.


Interested applicants may register at the Central Municipality Governorate Office of the Ministry of Municipalities & Public Works in the capital city of the governorates they live in.


To qualify, applicants must be at least 18 years old, and be physically fit.


Workers and supervisors employed in the program will also be filling out a Minister of Labor form that could provide them with future job opportunities or vocational training.




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