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Baghdad, Iraq

Contact: Thomas J. Basile

Office of Strategic Communications




Baghdad, Iraq…October 3, 2003— In an important, further step forward in strengthening the Iraqi Police force, the Coalition Provisional Authority and the Iraqi Ministry of Interior are finalizing arrangements for a new Iraqi Police training facility in Jordan.


“The use of the new Jordanian center will serve to supplement training resources being developed here in Iraq and will help continue to increase the number of Iraqis involved in securing their country,” stated Iraqi Minister of Interior Nori Badran.  Iraq currently has more than 40,000 police on duty throughout the country.


The new facility, to be called the Jordanian International Police Training Center, should receive its first 500 cadets by the end of November. Iraqi Police will undergo an intensive 8 week training course which will include instruction on human rights, patrolling skills, firearms, democratic policing model, investigative skills and Iraqi law skills.


The cadets will be Iraqis who have not previously served on the police force.  An additional 1500 cadets will be sent to the facility every four weeks.  The Iraqi Ministry of the Interior and the Coalition have set a goal of training 35,000 police at the new location within two years, bringing the Iraqi Police force to more than 65,000 nationwide.


Over the next month, trainers from the Iraqi Police will be instructed at the facility in various law enforcement training techniques. These officers will then serve as instructors at the Baghdad Police Academy and the Mosul and Basrah training centers.


“We are making progress every day toward building a safer, more secure nation.  This will help ensure the steady progress that has been made will continue.  I am confident that we will meet our goals,” said Badran.




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