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برنامج النفط مقابل الغذاء


As part of the Iraq transition of sovereignty, on July 1, 2004 the administration of the Oil for Food program will transfer from the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) to the individual Iraq ministries. Since the inception of the CPA Oil for Food Coordination Center on November 21, 2003, the CPA has worked with the Iraqi ministries to impart all business procedures related to the processing of Oil for Food contracts. As many suppliers have already experienced, decisions regarding Oil for Food contracts were made jointly between the CPA and the Iraqi ministries. July 1, 2004 will be a turning point where Iraqi ministries will independently process all matters relevant to remaining Oil for Food contracts.






Beginning June 15, 2004, the Oil for Food Coordination Center will no longer accept supplier inquiries and will refer all issues to the appropriate Iraqi ministries. This closure is to allow completion of the necessary administration associated with the transfer. We urge all suppliers to begin contacting and familiarizing themselves with the appropriate Iraqi ministry prior to the transition date.     

Please also be advised that there will be a two-week period from June 15, 2004 through June 30, 2004  where all new Letter of Credit amendment requests will not be processed.  This is to facilitate the transfer and migration of all data and information directly to ministries prior to July 1, 2004.  The holding period will enable the ministries to quickly and efficiently expedite responses to inquiries in areas such as Letter of Credit Amendments, Ad hoc Authentications, and Payment Inquiries after the transition.


If you desire a more detailed explanation regarding the history and transition of the Oil for Food program please refer to the following websites: 

United Nations Oil for Food Program website:

If you have specific questions regarding the transition that cannot be answered on the websites listed above, please email

The CPA Oil for Food Coordination Center has closed as part of the transition of authority to the new interim Iraqi government. Please direct any inquiries to the appropriate, specific Iraqi ministry your contract is supporting.   We request your patience during this transition period and regret we will be unable to respond to your inquiry. Thank you for your cooperation.    Ministry of Agriculture    Ministry of Communications  Ministry of Education     Ministry of Health   Ministry of Housing & Construction   Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works      Ministry of Trade  Ministry of Water Resources      Ministry of Oil      Ministry of Electricity  Ministry of Transportation        Ministry of Industry and Minerals         Ministry of Interior    Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs  Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research    Ministry of Youth & Sports    Ministry of Culture        Board of Supreme Audit        Central Bank of Iraq  Baghdad Mayoralty Office


Supplier Code of Conduct--Please Read

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