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Essential Services, such as electrical power, communications and transportation, clean water and sanitation, education and healthcare, provide the backbone of Iraqi society. Their importance cannot be understated, nor can the critical nature of the interdependent relationship with security, economic policies and governmental structures. For essential services to be delivered without causing major disruptions to the Iraqi population, these other “Pillars” of society need to be in place. In addition, the primary economic vehicle to fund these and other basic needs and service is oil production and exports. Increasing and maintaining the capacity of oil infrastructure is crucial.

Led by the Coalition Provisional Authority in conjunction with counterparts in the new Iraq leadership, focused activities in each Essential Service area are underway. For more information on each Essential Service area, please visit the links below.

Consolidated Weekly Essential Services Updates

The Following Are the Essential Services Which the CPA is working to Restore in Iraq:

  1. Provide Electricity Services that Meet National Needs

  2. Reconstruct Communications and Postal Systems

  3. Provide Food Security for all Iraqis

  4. Improve Quality and Access to Housing

  5. Improve Quality and Access to Healthcare

  6. Improve Quality and Access to Education

  7. Improve Quality and Access to Higher Education

  8. Provide Water Supply, Sewerage and Municipal Services

  9. Improve Water Resources Management

  10. Restore Economically Strategic Transportation Infrastructure

  11. Oil

  12. Support Plans for the Restoration and Preservation of Iraq’s Cultural Heritage and Traditions


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