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Welcome to the CPA Oil for Food Transition Page

Building the market structure that promotes private business.

Our telephone number is +1.914.509.6888

Please understand that our phone system creates a small delay between the callers. We ask your patience as we continue to improve.

To send a fax, use the same number.
Our email address is:
We regret that we cannot address questions regarding contract negotiations and that our webpage is not in Arabic as well.

After November 21, 2003, Oil-for-Food Programme contracts still requiring renegotiation are handled by the CPA. Non-food contracts requiring renegotiation will be handled by the CPA in Washington D.C. Suppliers with these non-food contracts still requiring renegotiation should contact any of the following:
FAX: 703-428-1367
Phone: 703-428-0992 or 0845 or 1370 or 0984

Oil for Food Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Links

Shipping terms explained

United Nations Office of the Iraq Program homepage

United Nations Joint Logistics Centre

World Food Program

661 Approved, Prioritized and Amended OFF Contracts

661 Approved, Prioritized but Unapproved Amended OFF Contracts

Removed from List of Amendable OFF Contracts as of 21 November 03

OFF Contracts Determined to have No Relative Utility as per UNSCR 1483, Paragraph 16

OFF Contracts with Small Balances Deemed Null/Void

661 Approved and Unfunded OFF Contracts

Unapproved OFF Contracts

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