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Minutes of the Child Online Protection Act (COPA) Commission meeting
September 18-19, 2000

Present: Commissioners Telage (chair), Balkam, Bastian, Berman, DeRosier, Flores, Ganier, Horowitz, Parker, Peeler, Rice Hughes, Rohde and Talbert.

Liza Kessler sat in for Commissioner Vradenburg, Claudette Tennant sat in for Commissioner Schmidt, and John LoGalbo sat in for Commissioner Schrader.

The meeting, which was held in Washington, D.C., began at 9:20 a.m. EST

The Commission reviewed draft introductory language for the report to Congress. The Commissioners then discussed, in sequential order, the different technologies and methods contained in a questionnaire that was filled out by the Commission prior to the meeting. The Commissioners discussed their scores and engaged in constructive debate over the 17 technologies and methods.

The technologies and methods include:

Common Resources and Parental Education

    1. Online information resources
    2. Parent Education Programs
    3. Server-side filtering using URL lists
    4. Client-side filtering using URL lists
    5. Filtering (server- and client-side) using content analysis
Labeling and Rating Systems
    6. First-party labeling/rating
    7. Third-party labeling/rating
Age Verification Systems
    8. AVS based on credit cards
    9. AVS based on independently-issued ID
New Top-Level Domain/Zoning
    10. Establishment of a gTLD for HTM content
    11. Establishment of a gTLD for non-HTM content
    12. Establishment of a "green zone" or "red light zone" by means of allocation of a new set of IP numbers
    13. Hotlines/Warning systems
Other Technologies and Methods
    14. Greenspaces
    15. Monitoring and time-limiting tools
    16. Acceptable use policies/family contracts
    17. Increased prosecution

The Commissioners added an 18th technology, "Real Time Content Monitoring/Blocking" to the technology and method list.

The Commission then reviewed draft recommendations to Congress that were written by individual Commissioners. Several of the recommendations were consolidated and individual Commissioners took responsibility for drafting recommendations that will be reviewed at the October 4-5 meeting at America Online, Inc. in Sterling, Virginia. The Commission also discussed reviewing a draft of the entire report at the October meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m. EST on September 19, 2000.

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