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William M. Parker
President and Chief Executive Officer

In April 1998 Mr. Parker began directing the management of (NASDAQ:AMEN). Mr. Parker led the re-branding of the Web presence as, the redesign of the site to make it the Christian community portal or home base, and the retooling of the technology into a database driven Internet publishing environment. Mr. Parker directed the launch of multiple unique channels for the very large niche of Christian conservatives, including a comprehensive, values-based personal finance channel which provides exclusive information on over 9000 mutual funds. This lets values-conscious investors know if their mutual fund is profiting from investments in companies involved with pornography, abortion, and/or antifamily entertainment. Mr. Parker has placed an emphasis on Christian music, making the Christian Music Channel the number one rated Christian Music Site for '98 by combining unique content with the opportunity to listen to 6 Web radio stations, click and listen to tracks of the most recent Christian music, and the opportunity to purchase online. As a service to the community, in November '98 became the first Web presence to offer both Internet filtering and safe search free from the site. With this, and channels addressing Careers, Spiritual Life, Entertainment, Men, Women, and News, all supported by a national marketing campaign, Mr. Parker has positioned to be the preferred, comprehensive, and invigorating host to Christians on the Web. Mr. Parker recently appeared on CNBC on two separate occasions to discuss's approach to values based investing, Internet safety, and overall Internet business building. In addition, the company has received recent coverage from Money Magazine, Business Week, CBS Market Watch, and feature articles by the Washington Post and the Washington Times.

Prior to coming to, Mr. Parker was Executive Vice President and Manager of CACI's Integrated Information Systems Division, leading in the development information systems, Year 2000 conversion, business process re-engineering, internet-based electronic commerce, automated procurement, and simulation. CACI is a public information technology company, with annual revenues exceeding $300 million. Mr. Parker's business represented about one quarter of the company's revenues.

Previously, Mr. Parker, as Director of Business Development, attracted over $775 million in new business and played a key role in a corporate turn around from five years of flat performance to sustained growth. In this position he directed business and technology planning, marketing, sales, proposal development, and played a key role in corporate acquisitions. From 1982 until 1992 Mr. Parker developed an information systems and systems engineering business from initiation to sustaining over $25 million in annual revenues.

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy in '76 and Navy officer until '82, he led in engineering and tactical roles aboard ship, and in teaching ROTC at the University of South Carolina.

Mr. Parker lives in Philomont, Virginia, with his wife of 23 years, Linda McCrone Parker.

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