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Report on Commission Finances:

The Commission on Child Online Protection did not receive any funding from Congress and relied upon gifts and grants from the private sector. The Commission received gift and grant authority from Congress on June 30, 2000. Below is a copy of the language as it appeared in Title IV of the E-Sign bill.



Section 1405 of the Child Online Protection Act (47 U.S.C. 231 note) is amended by inserting after subsection (g) the following new subsection:

'(h) GIFTS, BEQUESTS, AND DEVISES-The Commission may accept, use, and dispose of gifts, bequests, or devises of services of property, both real (including the use of office space) and personal, for the purpose of aiding or facilitating the work of the Commission. Gifts or grants not used at this termination of the Commission shall be returned to the donor or grantee.'

Gifts and Grants:

The Commission's operations were made possible by contributions of time by numerous individuals and companies, and by $70,000 in monetary grants from Network Solutions Inc.; Yahoo! Inc.; America Online, Inc.; Education Networks of America; and PSINet Inc. These contributions of time and funds were supplied unconditionally and with no expectation or receipt of consideration in any form from the Commission, under statutory gifts and grants authority.

This funding paid for direct costs and professional fees on behalf of the COPA Commission.

The following is an account of expenditures by the COPA Commission from July 1, 2000-September 30, 2000:

COPA Financial Information (7/1 -- 9/30/00)
Office Administration: (Facsimile, Photocopy, Postage )$7,820.91
Media kits (Collating and distribution)$288.98
Deliveries (Overnight and messenger)$692.24
Press Release Distribution: $1,268.31
Witness expenses:$10,424.63
Telephone and Conference call charges: $2,029.20
AV costs:$3,790.00
Room and equipment rental:$1,994.07
Letterhead design, production and printing:$742.61
Media Monitoring/Broadcast Schedule:$103.27
News Research/Back issues:$82.11
Payment for remaining direct costs plus
professional fees for Dittus Communications:

The following is an account of the additional donations made to the Commission:

  • Lunch for Commission in Richmond 7/21 $266 (America Online Inc.)
  • Hearing 3 Room Rental/Equipment 8/4 $680 (San Jose State University)
  • Hearing 3 A/V Rental 8/4 $945 (Yahoo! Inc.)
  • Hearing 3 Thursday lunch, 8/3 $1021.43 (U.S. Postal Service)
  • Hearing 3 food 8/3-8/4 $515 (San Jose State University)
  • September meeting A/V costs 9/18-9/19 $1,600 (Department of Justice)

In-kind Contributions:

  • Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee--web site design and hosting.
  • America Online Inc.-meeting room space, AV costs and food for October meeting.

Once the Commission's report is delivered to Congress, Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana will review and provide a letter of assurance about the Commission's finances.

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