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John Bastian
CEO, Security Software Systems, Inc.

Mr. Bastian has been responsible for a wide range of software and hardware development tasks over the past 20 years. Primary functions have included engineering management, software design management and software commercialization activities. Previous software/hardware designs include custom database engines, specialized text gathering resident utilities, speech recognition technology for disabled computer users, specialized text to speech engines and Braille to speech device technology. Current design management of operating system technology that includes new core platforms for monitoring, capturing and analyzing text in any form of from any source. New application designs include Cyber Sentinel child protection software; a content-based monitoring system designed to control sexually explicit Internet traffic by alerting parents to potential problems via e-mail. Newly completed designs include software to perform application, file and directory access control, time management and desktop security for personal computers, and software to reinforce Acceptable Use Policies. Mr. Bastian is married with four children.

Security Software Systems, Inc.
Is a leading edge software developer based in Sugar Grove, Illinois, that specializes in developing security and surveillance applications for consumers, educational facilities, Government, ISPs and Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 1997, the company is successfully developing new technological solutions to security and safety issues related to on-line accessibility. Our product philosophy is to provide highly effective yet flexible solutions to "computer age" problems.

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