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These estimates show what will happen if the same errors in the 1990 Census show up again in 2000. That means that you can make a difference in how these numbers actually turn out by encouraging your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to fill out their census forms and mail them in. REMEMBER: Your responses on the Census forms or to Census Bureau employees are confidential by law. They cannot be shared with anyone -- not even other government agencies like the IRS and INS.

State Estimated 2000 Undercount:

Number of Persons Missed Persons Missed/Adjusted Total Population (Percentage Undercounted)
Non-Hispanic Whites36,0371.34
African American11,4283.88
Asian/Pacific Isl.1,8083.46
American Indian/Alaskan Native6,7402.35

Estimated Effect of 2000 Undercount On Federal Funding By County:

County Central City People
Funding Loss/Gains
(in thousands)
Canadian Oklahoma City (part), OK 1,306 1.48 1,725
Cleveland Oklahoma City (part), OK; Norman, OK 4,335 2.06 -4,169
Comanche Lawton, OK 2,384 2.06 -2,253
Garfield Enid, OK 892 1.57 767
McClain Oklahoma City (part), OK 418 1.54 412
Oklahoma Oklahoma City (part), OK 14,776 2.27 -21,731
Osage Tulsa (part), OK 1,387 3.11 -4,010
Pottawatomie Oklahoma City (part), OK; Shawnee, OK 941 1.48 1,218
Rogers Tulsa (part), OK 937 1.30 2,253
Tulsa Tulsa (part), OK 10,887 1.94 -6,615

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