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These estimates show what will happen if the same errors in the 1990 Census show up again in 2000. That means that you can make a difference in how these numbers actually turn out by encouraging your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to fill out their census forms and mail them in. REMEMBER: Your responses on the Census forms or to Census Bureau employees are confidential by law. They cannot be shared with anyone -- not even other government agencies like the IRS and INS.

State Estimated 2000 Undercount:

Number of Persons Missed Persons Missed/Adjusted Total Population (Percentage Undercounted)
Non-Hispanic Whites10,4280.22
African American21,9343.38
Asian/Pacific Isl.1,9232.93
American Indian/Alaskan Native2370.98

Estimated Effect of 2000 Undercount On Federal Funding By County:

County Central City People
Funding Loss/Gains
(in thousands)
Boone Columbia, MO 1,700 1.25 9,125
Buchanan St Joseph, MO 327 0.40 11,599
Cass Kansas City (part), MO 293 0.34 12,564
Christian Springfield (part), MO 58 0.11 9,060
Clay Kansas City (part), MO 1,113 0.61 22,715
Greene Springfield (part), MO 1,182 0.51 30,869
Jackson Kansas City (part), MO 8,653 1.29 42,970
Jasper Joplin (part), MO 333 0.32 15,198
Newton Joplin (part), MO 93 0.18 8,130
Platte Kansas City (part), MO 588 0.79 7,958
St. Charles St Charles, MO 1,305 0.45 39,957
St. Louis city St Louis, MO 7,748 2.32 -8,268

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