Hearing Transcripts







          7                         FIELD HEARING

          8                     SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA




         12                     REPORTER'S TRANSCRIPT

         13                 TAKEN AT SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA
                                TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2000






         20    DENISE L. McCONNELL, CSR, RPR
               CSR NO. 11508, RPR NO. 4303








          2                                                      PAGE

          3    Fred T. Asbell,
               Executive Director
               J. Kenneth Blackwell,                            6,9,13
          5    Co-Chairman, Congressional Members              28,29,30

          6    Gilbert F. Casellas,               7,9,33,39,49,55,67,70
               Co-Chairman, Presidential Members      73,77,80,81,82,91
               Lorraine A. Green,                           13,37,38,82
          8    Presidential Member

          9    Mark Johnson,
               Executive Director
               Dr. David W. Murray,                        10,34,48,49
         11    Congressional Member                     79,80,84,88,90

         12    Joe D. Whitley, Esq.,                          10,77,88
               Congressional Member

         14                ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF PANELISTS

         15    Augie Bareno,                             40,48,80,81,89
               Coordinator California QAC project
         16    and the Chicano Federation

         17    Grover Diemert,                                    67
               Executive Director, Bayside Settlement House
               Tania Farley,                                     55,83
         19    Census Liaison, Union of Pan-Asian Communities

         20    Jeri Gulbransen,                                   70
               Coordinator, Census 2000 Street Theater,
         21    City of Chula Vista

         22    Karen Lamphere,                              13,18,29,30
               Senior Regional Planner, SANDAG           31,32,36,78,82
               Art Madrid
         24    Chairman, San Diego Association of Governments

         25    Alma Manabat,                                      68
               Bayside Settlement House

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991      2


          1    Index continued

          2    Peter Martinez,                                73,87,88
               Detective, Gang Suppression Unit,
          3    Imperial Beach Sheriff's Station

          4    Joey Perry,                                  21,33,37,39
               Census Coordinator City of San Diego
               William Rowel,                                   49,83
          6    California Black Health Network

          7    Pam Slater,                                4,13,32,33,34
               San Diego County Board of Supervisors       38,78,79,81






         14                 TRANSCRIPT OF PROCEEDINGS
                            of the Field Hearing of the United
         15                 States Census Monitoring Board,
                            commencing at 9:11 a.m. on Tuesday,
         16                 June 27, 2000, at 401 B Street,
                            Suite 700, San Diego, California,
         17                 before Denise L. McConnell,
                            CSR No. 11508, RPR, a Certified
         18                 Shorthand Reporter for the State
                            of California.







                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991      3


          1         TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2000 - SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA

          2                           9:11 A.M.


          4                 SUPERVISOR SLATER:  Good morning everyone.

          5    I'd like you to, please, take a seat so we can get

          6    started.  I'd like to welcome everyone here on behalf of

          7    SANDAG, which is the San Diego Association of

          8    Governments.  I'm pleased to welcome representatives

          9    from the U.S. Census Monitoring Board, members of the

         10    San Diego Region Complete Count Committee, the Census

         11    Bureau, and other invited guests to our forum today.

         12                 Our Complete Count Committee was

         13    established by SANDAG in the fall of 1998, and many of

         14    the people here today have been actively involved since

         15    then.  Our collaborative team of more than 100 members

         16    included elected officials, City and County staff,

         17    community leaders, educators, business people, members

         18    of the media--key players, by the way--and volunteers

         19    from throughout our diverse region.

         20                 This dedicated group has met regularly for

         21    the past year and a half to develop and implement a

         22    number of creative activities to increase the census

         23    mail-back response rate.  We thank them for coming today

         24    to share this data with you.  Since all the groups are

         25    not able to be here, I would like to highlight some of

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991      4


          1    the outreach projects supported by our region's Complete

          2    Count Committee.

          3                 Many of the activities focused on the

          4    largely Hispanic, Latino population in our region.

          5    Outreach efforts were conducted at the schools,

          6    community events, and in partnership with prominent,

          7    local Spanish-language publications.

          8                 The Alliance for African Assistance

          9    conducted outreach activities to African refugees and

         10    immigrants.  Information and assistance was provided in

         11    four languages spoken by African and Kosovar immigrants.

         12    The Indian Human Resources Center developed and

         13    distributed information targeting the region's urban

         14    Indian Americans.  Jewish Family Services conducted

         15    outreach activities to the region's approximately 9,500

         16    Russian immigrants.  And the Vietnamese Federation of

         17    San Diego used a variety of means to conduct outreach

         18    efforts to the region's large Vietnamese population.

         19                 I would like to take this opportunity to

         20    thank the members of the San Diego region's Census

         21    Complete Count Committee for their hard work and

         22    dedication.  And thank you, also, to the members of the

         23    Monitoring Board for coming here to San Diego to hear

         24    about our region's successful census outreach program.

         25                 Would you like to make some comments?

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991      5


          1                 CO-CHAIRMAN BLACKWELL:  Thank you very

          2    much, Supervisor Slater.

          3                 Ladies and gentlemen, public officials, it

          4    is a delight for us, the Members of the U.S. Census

          5    Monitoring Board, to be with you this -- this morning.

          6    I am Ken Blackwell, one of the two Co-Chairmen of the

          7    Census Monitoring Board.  We will have our members

          8    introduce themselves.

          9                 But let me just say, by way of some opening

         10    remarks, that the -- the Board is a watchdog oversight

         11    unit of this process.  And many times watchdog units

         12    look for irregularities and -- and wrongdoing and

         13    vulnerabilities within the system.  Not frequently

         14    enough do these watchdog organizations or units, you

         15    know, look for those things that are going right, those

         16    things that are community legacies that can be built

         17    upon, you know, examples of collaboration and

         18    coordination of that expanded capacity of local

         19    communities to -- to build better futures for

         20    themselves.

         21                 And so this is an opportunity not for us to

         22    turn a blind eye, you know, to the problems or

         23    challenges.  We want to hear those, too.  But it's also

         24    an opportunity for us to hear from you as to what worked

         25    and what this community can continue to build on so that

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991      6


          1    the 2010 census is even a better census than the 2000

          2    census.

          3                 With me this morning as -- as my fellow

          4    Co-Chair is Gil Casellas.  He will have some opening

          5    remarks, and then we will introduce ourselves to -- to

          6    this audience.  Gil?

          7                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  Good morning,

          8    everyone.  It's good to be here.  I'm Gil Casellas.  As

          9    Ken just told you, I'm Co-Chairman of the U.S. Census

         10    Monitoring Board.  And as Ken noted, the Board was

         11    created in 1997 by Congress to oversee the

         12    implementation and the operations of Census 2000.  And

         13    as most of you are, all of us, as well, are volunteers.

         14                 We were asked to perform this civic duty,

         15    and as part of it, we travel around the country and

         16    listen to community groups.  We read lots of

         17    information.  We talk to lots of people.  This is our

         18    second day of our visit to California.  One of our Board

         19    members is not here today.  He's off doing the business

         20    of the people of California, and that's your Lieutenant

         21    Governor, Cruz Bustamante who was with us yesterday in

         22    Los Angeles, and, unfortunately, he could not be here

         23    with us this morning.

         24                 I'd like to thank Art Madrid.  I'd like to

         25    thank Supervisor Slater and all the staff at SANDAG for

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991      7


          1    helping us in holding this hearing today.  It's

          2    appropriate for SANDAG to host this meeting.  You're

          3    leadership on the census in the San Diego area has

          4    helped to produce extraordinary results.  And believe

          5    me, when we report to Congress, as we do regularly, we

          6    want to include the activities and the successes and any

          7    concerns, as well, that -- that you have.

          8                 Going into Census 2000, it was expected

          9    that census forms would be mailed back at a lower rate

         10    than they were in 1990.  Here in the San Diego area, you

         11    actually improved over the 1990 response rate.  In the

         12    City of San Diego, response rates rose from 67 percent

         13    in 1990 to 71 percent in 2000.  For San Diego County

         14    this response rate climbed from 68 percent in 1990 to 71

         15    percent this year.

         16                 That's an extraordinary achievement, and it

         17    came about through a cooperative and collaborative

         18    effort that we hope to hear more about this morning.

         19    Overall, San Diego managed a budget of $400,000 in State

         20    funding distributing those dollars to 24 City, County,

         21    and community-based organizations.  The result was a

         22    tremendously effective job of census education and

         23    outreach.

         24                 The importance of community involvement in

         25    the census cannot be underestimated or overstated.  No

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991      8


          1    matter how long the Census Bureau has to plan a census,

          2    the census, like politics, is necessarily local.  It

          3    necessarily has to be a local effort.  And the Census

          4    Bureau in Washington or even in Los Angeles cannot hope

          5    to know this community as well as the people in this

          6    room.

          7                 As all of us who have been involved with

          8    grass-roots organizing, education, and service know, the

          9    greatest asset you can have are the contacts and the

         10    trust that has been built through years of community

         11    involvement.  And your willingness to share that

         12    expertise has been critical to the job that's been done

         13    here for Census 2000.

         14                 So I thank you on behalf of the Census

         15    Monitoring Board.  Let me note that, although our time

         16    here is limited, we invite written comments, and we will

         17    keep the record open until the end of July to accept,

         18    not only from members of the panel here but members of

         19    the public, any information you want to share with the

         20    Board so that that information can be incorporated in

         21    our -- our report to Congress in the fall.

         22                 And with that, I think we're going to go

         23    down --

         24                 CO-CHAIRMAN BLACKWELL:  Joe?

         25                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  -- and let each

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991      9


          1    member introduce themselves.

          2                 MR. WHITLEY:  My name is Joe Whitley.  I'm

          3    a member of the Congressional side of the Monitoring

          4    Board.  And it's a great pleasure to be here.

          5                 As you can tell by my accent, I'm from the

          6    south.  I'm from Atlanta.  And we look forward to

          7    listening to you about what you've done in San Diego.

          8    We'd like to -- I'd like to carry some of this weather

          9    back.  And if this is hot and this is too humid, believe

         10    me, we'll take it any day of the week.

         11                 And, also, we'd like to take back some

         12    ideas about how you've done things so well here in

         13    San Diego.  I've heard great things about it, and we

         14    look forward to hearing your comments today.  Thank you

         15    very much.

         16                 DR. MURRAY:  Good morning.  I'm David

         17    Murray.  I live in Washington, though I'm Californian by

         18    birth, and I do miss it very much.  Particularly on days

         19    like this.  It's nice to be back here.  Congratulations

         20    to you.  In general, I'm interested in issues of science

         21    and public policy and got involved in this Congressional

         22    side of the Census Monitoring Board.  Very much aware of

         23    the -- the increasing challenge the census faces.

         24                 You know, there was a reason for us to

         25    anticipate that we were in trouble.  The declining rates

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     10


          1    of participation all across American life were a strong

          2    signal, a strong warning.  There were declines in voter

          3    participation.  There were declines in census response.

          4    There were declines in civic engagement.  At least,

          5    that's what the data showed us.  So we had concerns that

          6    the census, itself, was going to suffer, likewise.

          7                 So it's rather remarkable to see that local

          8    communities can respond to these challenges in an

          9    effective way and not only arrest the slide that we were

         10    seeing decade after decade, but actually begin to

         11    reverse it, actually begin to revitalize, through the

         12    census, the community engagement.

         13                 Why is there a slide?  A lot of reasons.

         14    Americans are much more mobile.  There are so many more

         15    of us.  So many new communities have come in with

         16    linguistic challenges, with cultural traditions.  So

         17    much of a lack of trust and confidence in government.

         18    How much do we really want to yield information about

         19    ourselves, particularly if we come from backgrounds

         20    where government surveillance is not necessarily the

         21    most positive thing.

         22                 So the biggest difficulty in my perception

         23    was to convince people that it mattered, that it had

         24    a -- a value to be enrolled, to be incorporated into the

         25    political process; that there were benefits that flowed.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     11


          1    And they weren't just the benefits of the dollars and

          2    the political power.  But that there was a byproduct to

          3    getting involved.  That the byproduct was available at

          4    the local neighborhood community.

          5                 That Washington has great theories and

          6    Washington has great policies from the top down, but

          7    they don't really work until they get activated at the

          8    local level: learning from neighborhoods; learning from

          9    communities; learning from neighborhood leaders who were

         10    able to reach out and mobilize their community, that

         11    they had the trust; they had the linguistic skills; and

         12    they had the commitment to get the local level alive and

         13    responsive.  We've seen that.

         14                 Not everything went perfectly smoothly.  We

         15    have many lessons to learn.  We want to hear from you

         16    how you did it, what we can carry forward into the next

         17    census, and in particular we are left with the hope that

         18    some of those lessons and some of those communities that

         19    were mobilized will remain after we've gone, after the

         20    census is closed down and waits for the next ten years

         21    to come alone; that we can leave some kind of legacy and

         22    some kind of activity that continues to draw the

         23    disenfranchised into political power and continues to

         24    serve communities as they become more self-governing

         25    through their involvement.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     12


          1                 Thank you.

          2                 MS. GREEN:  Good morning.  I'm Lorraine

          3    Green.  I'm a Presidential Member of the Board, and I,

          4    too, am very pleased to be here this morning.  I'm

          5    interested in hearing about your successful outreach

          6    operations and how we can go forward and use some of

          7    your successes for the future.  Thank you.

          8                 CO-CHAIRMAN BLACKWELL:  Joining us at

          9    the -- this part of the table are Mark Johnson and Fred

         10    Asbell.  They are Executive Directors of the U.S. Census

         11    Monitoring Board.

         12                 Our first panel will be comprised of Karen

         13    Lamphere, who is the Senior Regional Planner for SANDAG,

         14    and -- and we will also have joining us Joey Perry of

         15    San Diego City.

         16                 MS. LAMPHERE:  I believe Supervisor Slater

         17    had some additional comments to make.

         18                 SUPERVISOR SLATER:  I had two roles

         19    today --

         20                 CO-CHAIRMAN BLACKWELL:  Okay.

         21                 SUPERVISOR SLATER:  -- because I gave the

         22    opening comments, which you heard, and now I'm here to

         23    tell you about the County of San Diego's effort.

         24                 And it's very important to the County of

         25    San Diego and to any counties, especially as to all

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     13


          1    local jurisdictions, that we get a complete count,

          2    because the counties are responsible for providing

          3    health care, mental health care, human service, welfare

          4    programs, and things like that.  And to the extent that

          5    we are under-counted, we are under-funded.

          6                 And many times--as was noted by

          7    Dr. Murray--he notes that many populations that come

          8    here, new immigrants are deeply suspicious of government

          9    because they've come from countries where government was

         10    not friendly to them.  And I -- I want to just -- I was

         11    just sitting here thinking of that comment and was

         12    reminded that our country was founded by people who were

         13    deeply suspicious of government, with good reason.

         14                 So we actually have a natural suspicion of

         15    too much oversight by government.  And because of that,

         16    it's very important for us to reach out and to let

         17    people know that this is a positive benefit for them to

         18    be counted because it brings back more of the tax

         19    revenue that we all pay.  From our hard-earned dollars,

         20    we pay the money in our tax system.

         21                 And to the extent we're properly counted,

         22    we're able to retrieve more of those dollars for

         23    necessary health and human services programs which we

         24    need to implement to help people who cannot help

         25    themselves or who -- who are in transition.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     14


          1                 The County Board of Supervisors has been

          2    very committed to providing staff and incorporating

          3    census outreach activities into our existing county

          4    programs.  We have coordinated with managers and staff

          5    in Health and Human Services, with Cal-Works Program,

          6    which is our Welfare-to-Work program in San Diego

          7    County, our Aging and Independent Services and other

          8    county departments, to take advantage of every

          9    opportunity to reach historically under-counted

         10    populations.

         11                 In addition to county support, we did

         12    receive State funds from California's Complete Count

         13    Committee through SANDAG to extend the census outreach

         14    message.  Our Aging and Independent Services Department

         15    developed innovative activities to reach thousands of

         16    elderly and shut-in recipients throughout the county who

         17    might not have otherwise been counted.

         18                 Trained staff delivered census information

         19    to the clients encouraging them to return the census

         20    forms and impressing upon them how important the count

         21    is.  Staff also provided assistance as needed to

         22    complete count census forms and designed and distributed

         23    small magnifiers with the Census 2000 logo to their

         24    clients.

         25                 As you know, especially those of you who

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     15


          1    got the long census form, those aren't always easy to

          2    navigate.  So even the short forms can provide

          3    challenges.  But getting the long form, many people

          4    needed some assistance.

          5                 Many individual efforts promoted the census

          6    in our region of 2.8 million people.  However, I believe

          7    what truly made the difference were the collaborative

          8    efforts of Complete Count Committee members, local

          9    agencies and organizations, and the Bureau of the

         10    Census.

         11                 These organizations developed and

         12    implemented a number of creative activities promoting

         13    the census so that it would reach thousands of the most

         14    difficult-to-reach residents, including programs such as

         15    interior signage promoting the census in both English

         16    and Spanish on all public transit buses in our region,

         17    advertisements in movie theaters, many community events

         18    and census celebrations where there would be, like, a

         19    little party, and the idea would be that you would come

         20    and either submit your form, or, if you did not have

         21    your form, you could pick one up and have assistance in

         22    filling it out.  And we did this in many immigrant

         23    communities and -- and other under-served areas.

         24    Newspaper advertisements and outreached messages

         25    produced in languages such as Spanish, Tagalog,

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     16


          1    Vietnamese, Japanese, and Russian.

          2                 And I'd like to note that in the San Diego

          3    region, I believe there are 42 actual spoken languages

          4    here in the school system.  So we chose the majority

          5    populations, but by no means do they represent all of

          6    the spoken languages in our county.

          7                 Funding provided by the California Complete

          8    Count Committee helped to implement a variety of

          9    creative outreach programs and was critical to our

         10    success.  Since we had an established Regional Census

         11    Complete Count Committee, when the funds became

         12    available, we were able to develop and -- and coordinate

         13    a Request for Proposal process and to make State funds

         14    available to local programs here as quickly as possible.

         15                 I'd like to note that there are several

         16    good ideas that we did not have funding quite soon

         17    enough to implement.  The City of San Diego and the

         18    County of San Diego worked closely together on many

         19    programs because we have the -- jointly the largest

         20    population base that we serve.

         21                 And one good idea that came out, which was

         22    not able to be implemented, would be to have videos

         23    promoting the census in appropriate languages that could

         24    be submitted to many different locations where people

         25    have to wait in waiting rooms.  And we know that that's

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     17


          1    endemic in our society.  You're always waiting for

          2    something in line for something.  And so we felt if we

          3    could get more of those kind of promotional videos out,

          4    we could even increase our response rate.

          5                 I'd like to thank all of you for coming to

          6    San Diego today to hear about our -- our program and

          7    wish all of us the best of success next time around to

          8    even increase our numbers.

          9                 Karen?

         10                 MS. LAMPHERE:  Thank you.  Good morning,

         11    Co-Chairman Blackwell, Co-Chairman Casellas, and Members

         12    of the Board.  I'd also like to welcome representatives

         13    from some of our legislators in San Diego: Jeff Gattas

         14    from Assemblywoman Denise Ducheny office is here, Greg

         15    Stein from Congressman Brian Bilbray's office, and Amy

         16    Denhart from Senator Barbara Boxer.  Thank you all for

         17    coming.

         18                 SANDAG formed the San Diego Region Complete

         19    Count Committee in September of 1998, and Committee

         20    members included elected officials and representatives

         21    from community-based organizations, public health and

         22    safety agencies, the education and business communities,

         23    religious organizations, the media, and ethnic groups

         24    that have been historically under-counted.

         25                 The Complete Count Committee worked hard

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     18


          1    the year and a half prior to the census to develop plans

          2    and strategy to reduce the under-count in this region

          3    and make sure that we got our fair share of funds and

          4    political representation.  None of the agencies involved

          5    in the Complete Count Committee had funds to carry out

          6    any outreach activities.  Pretty much anything that was

          7    going to get accomplished was going to get accomplished

          8    within existing budgets.

          9                 In December of 1999, Governor Gray Davis

         10    formed the California Complete Count Committee and

         11    allocated $25 million statewide for outreach purposes.

         12    Approximately 400,000 of these funds were made available

         13    to our Complete Count Committee.  As Supervisor Slater

         14    mentioned, we developed and implemented a plan to

         15    distribute the funds to local agencies and

         16    organizations.  And 24 projects were funded, some of

         17    which you'll hear about today.

         18                 Our Complete Count Committee was a very

         19    successful collaboration of Federal, State, and local

         20    agencies and organizations that resulted in a mail-back

         21    response rate of 71 percent.  That was a rate that was

         22    among the highest in the state of California, and

         23    exceeded the 68 percent achieved in 1990.

         24                 Many of the outreach activities of the

         25    government agencies and some of the larger

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     19


          1    community-based organizations in the Complete Count

          2    Committee might have been undertaken even in the absence

          3    of outside funding.  However, it's important to remember

          4    that in -- for future censuses, that most outreach

          5    activities by the small community-based organizations,

          6    which have the closest ties to the population groups

          7    that we're really trying to reach, would be impossible

          8    without the infusion of outside funds.

          9                 It's also important to note that it doesn't

         10    take a lot of outside funding to have a significant

         11    impact.  Even a few hundred or a few thousand dollars to

         12    cover printing costs can go a long way in getting the

         13    census message out to the people who need to hear it.

         14                 We also found that, once agencies had some

         15    funding, they were able to secure additional matching

         16    resources in in-kind partnerships to promote the census

         17    message.  And in our case, that $400,000 that we

         18    obtained from the State was matched by over 200,000 by

         19    the participating agencies and other groups that were

         20    willing to provide funds once some seed-money was there.

         21                 We appreciate that you've come here today

         22    to take testimony on what worked in San Diego.  I know

         23    the Complete Count Committee is proud of what was

         24    accomplished in our region, and we look forward to

         25    sharing some highlights with you today.  Thank you.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     20


          1                 MS. PERRY:  Hello.  I'm Joey Perry with the

          2    City of San Diego.  I'm the Census Coordinator.  And

          3    Honorable Chairman, Co-Chairman and Members of the

          4    Board, I'm happy to be able to talk to you today about

          5    the experiences of the City of San Diego.

          6                 I have worked with the 1990 census and the

          7    Year 2000 Census, so I have a little bit of experience

          8    with it, and I've worked with all phases of census

          9    preparation and census results from the LUCA Program,

         10    and the Statistical Areas Program, Block Boundary

         11    Suggestion Program, and the Boundary and Annexation

         12    Program.  I've worked on pre-census and post-census

         13    local reviews for the 1990 census, so I'm very aware and

         14    familiar with the census operations.

         15                 One with of the things that I think made

         16    the Year 2000 Census better in the San Diego region than

         17    the 1990 census is the fact that we really worked on

         18    outreach operations.  And I'm really thrilled that we

         19    were able to do that working with our local census

         20    offices to provide facilities for employment testing and

         21    to provide facilities for community Questionnaire

         22    Assistance Centers and Be Counted Centers.  A number of

         23    civic facilities were used for those purposes.

         24                 Ms. Slater and Ms. Lamphere have already

         25    talked about some of the successes that we've had in the

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     21


          1    region and some of the specific projects that the

          2    Regional Complete Count Committee worked on.  I'd like

          3    to focus my comments today on the City of San Diego's

          4    outreach activities.

          5                 With the City of San Diego, we didn't want

          6    to duplicate the efforts of the Regional Complete Count

          7    Committee, but rather we wanted to augment them.  And so

          8    we were focusing on three main audiences: the general

          9    public, staff -- City staff--we have about 10- to 11,000

         10    City employees as well as clients of the City--and then

         11    select, targeted populations.

         12                 We're very fortunate that we had support

         13    from our elected officials and from the City Manager.  A

         14    number of our elected officials made -- had press

         15    conferences, made comments.  Every time we made

         16    speeches, they talked about the importance of the census

         17    and were really out there encouraging their constituency

         18    to respond to the census.

         19                 The City Manager was instrumental in

         20    starting the City's Complete Count Team.  Basically, he

         21    said that this is something that was very important and

         22    we need to do it, and he recognized very early on the

         23    importance of funding and making sure that we had the

         24    complete count so that the City of San Diego would

         25    receive its fair share of funding.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     22


          1                 Among the activities that we undertook were

          2    development of a web site on the City's web page.  We

          3    had a page devoted to the census talking about why the

          4    census was important to the City, general census

          5    information, and FAQs.  We also listed many City

          6    facilities that were built or constructed in City

          7    projects that were done using community development

          8    Block-Grant funds, which certainly are tied into census

          9    information.  And we had links to other excellent

         10    census-related web-based resources such as the SANDAG

         11    web site and the Census Bureau's web site.

         12                 We were fortunate enough with the funding

         13    that we got from the State to be able to provide

         14    bookmarks for all of our City libraries.  When people

         15    checked out books, they could get a -- a bookmark that

         16    emphasized the important role of the census in helping

         17    libraries conduct their business.

         18                 We posted banners at all 34 branch

         19    libraries and at more than 60 Park and Recreation

         20    facilities and swimming pools and at about half of our

         21    fire stations, particularly fire stations in the

         22    under-counted communities, to promote the census and

         23    help the residents realize the connection between the

         24    census information and the services that the City

         25    provides.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     23


          1                 At our local Park and Rec centers, we had a

          2    poster contest or coloring events where we encouraged

          3    youngsters to develop posters about the census and how

          4    that helped fund Park and Recreation programs.  Various

          5    departments throughout the City developed newsletters or

          6    as part of their existing newsletters for internal

          7    purposes as well as external purposes talking about the

          8    importance of the census.

          9                 Our Water Department sent out notices to

         10    450,000 households in a regular water mailing that

         11    talked about how the census is coming and how the Water

         12    Department used census information to figure out where

         13    to put water lines and how big to make the water lines.

         14    So we tried to make everything relative to the specific

         15    department in each of the newsletters that went out.

         16                 Additionally, we had lobby displays in City

         17    facilities that are visited by the public.  And at most

         18    public counters, we tried to have some census

         19    information, census incentive items like pencils or

         20    something like that so that the public could take those

         21    items.

         22                 Additionally, the City has a cable-access

         23    station.  We ran a number of public service

         24    announcements and also some census educational videos

         25    starting last fall to let people know just kind of what

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     24


          1    the census was all about, the history of the census, and

          2    the importance of that.  And we believe that that

          3    education effort was helpful.

          4                 We also targeted several specific

          5    populations.  One was the Housing Commission clients.

          6    We have about 11,000 families that receive Housing

          7    Commission assistance, and a special mailing went out to

          8    all of those clients urging them to complete the census

          9    and cooperate.

         10                 We also had, in 1990, one particular census

         11    track that had about a 10 percent under-count rate.

         12    This is the census track around the University of

         13    California at San Diego.  And we're not exactly sure why

         14    there was such a big under-count, particularly in

         15    household population.  But we did an effort.  We

         16    targeted mailing to that particular census track and

         17    encouraged everybody to fill out the census.

         18                 We suspect that -- that perhaps some forms

         19    weren't filled out because they were visiting professors

         20    or students from other countries, and they might not

         21    have known that they need to participate or be counted

         22    in the census.  So we wanted to make it clear to them

         23    that they should.

         24                 Another thing that we did is the City

         25    sponsors shelters for the homeless for inclement

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     25


          1    weather, and we, as a City, kept our shelters open for

          2    an extra month to make sure that those shelters would be

          3    open during census day and made sure that we got the

          4    local census offices to those centers to count the

          5    homeless people and also provided incentives.

          6                 We distributed washcloths to the homeless.

          7    We thought the washcloths would be something the

          8    homeless people could use.  And, again, the funding for

          9    the washcloths was available through the Regional

         10    Complete Count Committee and the State Complete Count

         11    Committee.

         12                 So all in all, we've heard that the

         13    San Diego region has done a pretty good job on the

         14    census.  An excellent job, actually.  We had a

         15    68 percent response rate in 1990.  We increased to a

         16    71 percent response rate in the year 2000.  And I think

         17    that there are four major factors that lead to the

         18    success that we had.

         19                 One was the increase in public awareness

         20    and education that I -- that I think was largely a

         21    result of the funding that the Census Bureau provided

         22    through national advertising and the advertising that

         23    was targeted to local communities coupled with the

         24    advertising that the State paid for and the Regional

         25    Complete Count Committee paid for.  I think that

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     26


          1    educational aspect was very important in getting the

          2    word out.

          3                 Another key to our success was that we were

          4    able to plan for some events very far in advance and

          5    stick to them.  Anytime we have plans that are changing,

          6    we have this changing target, it makes it very difficult

          7    for us to fund for it.  And the further in advance we

          8    know what the plans are and we stick to those plans, it

          9    makes it a little bit easier.

         10                 A couple of census programs did slide a

         11    little bit, and for the City of San Diego, it was a

         12    little bit challenging to try to deal with outreach at

         13    the same time we were trying to do local review because

         14    it's the same staff who does both.  So if we could work

         15    on the timing a little bit, not have those overlapping,

         16    I think we -- we would have been able to devote even

         17    more efforts to our census outreach efforts.

         18                 Funding, as was previously mentioned, I

         19    think is -- is absolutely critical.  It's important to

         20    have funding for knowledgeable staff that are dedicated

         21    to census activities, and it's important to have funding

         22    for outreach activities and things as simple as, you

         23    know, food: refreshments at different events, for room

         24    rentals, for expenses, for supplies, for publicity, for

         25    advertising.  All of those things are very important.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     27


          1                 And I think that, in the region, we're

          2    seeing that the organizations that were the most

          3    successful with outreach activities, as Karen pointed

          4    out earlier, did have some funding and were able to do

          5    some matching funding.

          6                 And, lastly, I think that one of the real

          7    benefits to the San Diego region is our history of

          8    regional cooperation and collaboration.  San Diego has a

          9    long history of working with the different agencies

         10    through San Diego County, pulling the cities together,

         11    pulling other agencies together and the public sector.

         12    And that, coupled with good communication among the

         13    agencies, I think, really helped the region be as

         14    successful as it was.

         15                 So I'm really very, very pleased to have --

         16    have had SANDAG spearhead the Regional Complete Count

         17    Committee.  And that was by Rosalie Zarate who did an

         18    excellent job, and staff at SANDAG, Karen Lamphere and

         19    Anne Steinberger who just were a fabulous resource to us

         20    in this effort.  So I thank you for the opportunity to

         21    come and make this presentation.  I'll be happy to

         22    answer any questions you have at some point.

         23                 CO-CHAIRMAN BLACKWELL:  Well, thank you,

         24    all three of you all.  And maybe what we can do is take

         25    about ten minutes and -- and ask questions of you, and

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     28


          1    then we'll go to our -- our second group of speakers.

          2                 One of the obvious points that ran

          3    consistently through your remarks, I think, would lead

          4    one to the conclusion that great cities and great

          5    counties are not the product of great government but the

          6    product of good people doing great things together

          7    through civic engagement.

          8                 So if we can let's say disaggregate some of

          9    the data and -- and take a look at going into this

         10    process, I am sure that the County and the City knew

         11    their hard-to-count, hard-to-enumerate census tracks.

         12    What has been our experience in the hardest-to-count

         13    census tracks in terms of mail-back response?  That's

         14    one.  Secondly, what has been your experience in terms

         15    of engaging hard-to-count populations through the hiring

         16    process as actual enumerators and trusted third parties

         17    in this process?

         18                 MS. LAMPHERE:  I can speak a little bit to

         19    the response rates and the hard-to-enumerate census

         20    tracks.  And it varied across the region, but in certain

         21    areas, it did go up at about the same rate as the region

         22    went up.  So it was obvious that the outreach activities

         23    that took place there helped.

         24                 CO-CHAIRMAN BLACKWELL:  Would you say it

         25    was the outreach -- what -- what impact would you say

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     29


          1    the advertising campaign? which was the first time ever.

          2                 MS. LAMPHERE:  The national advertising

          3    campaign?

          4                 CO-CHAIRMAN BLACKWELL:  Mm-hmm.

          5                 MS. LAMPHERE:  I don't think it had too

          6    much of an impact in the most difficult to enumerate

          7    areas, mostly because of language differences and the

          8    type of outreach that was conducted was really more

          9    mainstream than were targeted specifically to

         10    populations.

         11                 CO-CHAIRMAN BLACKWELL:  So more locally

         12    sensitive, community-funded advertising campaigns would

         13    have been more impactful?

         14                 MS. LAMPHERE:  Definitely.  And also more

         15    information leading up to the campaign as to what types

         16    of targeted advertising would be undertaken.  Because we

         17    were really kept in the dark as to what was going to

         18    happen.  So it was difficult for us to plan our media

         19    campaign without knowing what was going to happen at the

         20    national level.  So more understanding of what was going

         21    to happen at the national level would allow us to, then,

         22    even more target our message.

         23                 CO-CHAIRMAN BLACKWELL:  And this probably

         24    will come up with the next group of speakers.  But one

         25    of the things we heard yesterday in Los Angeles, and one

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     30


          1    of the things I heard this weekend -- this past weekend

          2    in Norfolk, Virginia, when I was talking with a group of

          3    elected officials, locally elected officials, was a

          4    basic concern that, in hard-to-enumerate census tracks

          5    and areas, there had been a pretty aggressive

          6    promotional campaign encouraging involvement by way of

          7    becoming an employee of the -- of the -- the process.

          8    That people came in; they took the test; they passed the

          9    test; and then they were never hired.

         10                 And the concern was that, now, locally

         11    elected officials and civic leaders were stuck with

         12    explaining to these constituents what happened.

         13    What's -- what's your experience there?

         14                 MS. LAMPHERE:  I can speak to that, too,

         15    because I got a lot of those phone calls.  We did, you

         16    know, anecdotally, find that to be the case where a lot

         17    of the people were tested and a lot of people were

         18    tested early, well in advance of when they would

         19    actually be hired.  And maybe it was a communication

         20    problem or people just didn't understand that the bulk

         21    of hiring could be done, you know, in March or April of

         22    2000.

         23                 So they took the test a year before that

         24    and -- and didn't here anything.  But we also did hear

         25    from people who were tested more recently.  And they

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     31


          1    said, "I never got contacted or called back" and, you

          2    know, just couldn't get information about their status.

          3    So it was left to those of us with locally published

          4    phone numbers to -- to answer those questions.

          5                 SUPERVISOR SLATER:  If I could just

          6    intervene, I don't have the nuts-and-bolts knowledge of

          7    what goes on, but it seems to me that whoever is in

          8    charge of hiring should give us an answer, because it

          9    seems to me that hiring people from the community would

         10    be the best way to ensure that you reach the county -- I

         11    mean the count you want.  Because not only do they know

         12    the -- the population and they have trust levels there,

         13    but they also know the other churches and the other

         14    child-care providers, and so forth cetera, that would

         15    get the counts that you want.

         16                 So how -- who would have the answer as to

         17    why that fell through the cracks?  Do we know?

         18                 MS. LAMPHERE:  The Census Bureau.

         19    (Inaudible) on the panel.  And, you know, I don't know

         20    if it was overestimation on the part of the Bureau as to

         21    how many employees they would need.  You know, they just

         22    wanted to make sure that they had an adequate pool, and

         23    then it turned out they didn't need that many.  You

         24    know, that might be one explanation for it.

         25                 SUPERVISOR SLATER:  I know I kept seeing

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     32


          1    ads for census workers right up practically to the day

          2    of the count.  So I don't know if they had adequate

          3    numbers, and they just ran the ad to ensure that in case

          4    they had some shortfall or people drop off or if, in

          5    fact, there was some kind of a breakdown between the

          6    application process and then the hiring, selection.

          7                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  That leads me to my

          8    question.  And that is, as we travel to different

          9    communities, and even yesterday, we heard from the

         10    communities in the Los Angeles area about their work

         11    with the Regional Census office -- Census Bureau's

         12    offices, and generally positive.  But no one -- none of

         13    the three of you mentioned the Census Bureau, per se.

         14    And I'm curious about your work with -- interaction with

         15    the Census Bureau locally.

         16                 SUPERVISOR SLATER:  Personally, I had none.

         17                 MS. PERRY:  I'll talk about it briefly.

         18                 I -- if I didn't mention it in my

         19    presentation earlier, I'm sorry I neglected to do so.

         20    Because certainly the local Census office staff was

         21    involved and helpful in many of our -- they attended

         22    most -- most of our meetings.  I know that they came to

         23    the City of San Diego and asked for assistance in

         24    finding centers to test people, and we provided that

         25    assistance.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     33


          1                 They contacted us for centers or looking

          2    for locations for Questionnaire Assistance Centers, and

          3    we did provide that assistance to them.  Census Bureau

          4    staff came to most of our meetings and were as helpful

          5    as they could be, I think.  We didn't have as much of a

          6    contact with the Los Angeles Regional Office staff as we

          7    did with the local Census staff.

          8                 SUPERVISOR SLATER:  And probably one of the

          9    reasons that I'm somewhat ignorant of the, like I said,

         10    the nuts and bolts is because it would have been handled

         11    by the County staff.  And as I gave my comments

         12    regarding the County's participation, it's clear to me

         13    that the Census Bureau staff interacted with the County

         14    staff or we couldn't have made all those contacts

         15    through our social services agencies and Health and

         16    Human Services.  But if you ask me, do I have specific

         17    knowledge, I have to tell you, I don't.

         18                 DR. MURRAY:  Just two comments.  First, at

         19    some point, if someone has just a brief overview of how

         20    you negotiated the particular military presence as a --

         21    as an issue in the census, that would be kind of -- I'm

         22    sure it's a very substantive issue for the City and for

         23    the County.

         24                 But on this point that Ken Blackwell was

         25    just pursuing, we've run into this several times now,

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     34


          1    this issue about the Bureau's needs for hiring.  And

          2    obviously, a tight labor market; they know they're going

          3    to have to pay a fair amount of money.  They're going to

          4    have to track people.  And also hiring people who have

          5    credibility in the community, you know, that have this

          6    local knowledge, that have confidence, and so forth.

          7    That really seems to be a huge advantage to have the

          8    people who know how to solicit and find their neighbors.

          9                 And ideally, the Bureau wants to be able to

         10    match those people, indigenous, so that you get people

         11    with Spanish competence and awareness of the community

         12    actually working in that community.

         13                 Somewhat to our dismay, when we reviewed

         14    the results of some of the test censuses that were done

         15    before the dress rehearsals, that really didn't work out

         16    quite that way.  And what we would see rather

         17    regularly--and I wonder if this happened here to some

         18    extent--we would try to energize or the Census Bureau or

         19    local community people would go to community leaders and

         20    say, We need your help.  And they would expend political

         21    capital going out into their community, into their

         22    churches, into their faith-based organizations, into

         23    some kind of network that they had, and they commit

         24    themselves.  We are going to hire.  We are going to

         25    activate.  And then the call wouldn't come.  And then

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     35


          1    they stood there and had to answer for this absence of

          2    response.

          3                 Sometimes the impression was left that the

          4    Bureau had a national plan, and it was going by the

          5    book.  And when it got to local areas, it tried to

          6    impose the plan by the book and didn't sufficiently have

          7    a feedback mechanism where local people could say, Well,

          8    wait a minute.  Let's adjust for this.  And they'd

          9    acknowledge that, but they never fed it back into the

         10    change in plans.  That they didn't adapt the plan based

         11    upon the kind of commentary they were getting from the

         12    local area.

         13                 Now, is that the kind of thing you ran into

         14    sometimes with hiring?

         15                 MS. LAMPHERE:  I think so.  Not only

         16    hiring, but other activities as well.  The five local

         17    census offices, in my view, were kind of scrambling to

         18    keep up with what changes from headquarters were being

         19    dictated.  And by the time they implemented those, they

         20    had changed again, and they were scrambling to keep up

         21    with those.

         22                 So I think an interagency communication

         23    problem on the part of the Census Bureau contributed a

         24    lot to that.  Because I know the five offices here were

         25    very active in recruiting and outreach and -- and,

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     36


          1    again, different plans.  But it just seemed like things

          2    were always changing from headquarters or the L.A.

          3    office.  And it was just hard for them to keep up with.

          4                 And the lack--I'm glad you brought that

          5    up--the lack of flexibility and the lack of their

          6    authority to change -- even -- make even minor changes

          7    to policy really hampered the effective programs here.

          8                 MS. GREEN:  I have one question.

          9    Ms. Perry, I think you mentioned the targeted population

         10    that you had consisting of City employees -- general

         11    population of City employees and clients.  And I was

         12    wondering about census in schools and your teachers and

         13    your students.

         14                 The students, as we know, would be the ones

         15    in 2010 who will be the persons filling out the forms

         16    for their households, probably.  So I was interested in

         17    hearing a little bit more about the school activity.

         18                 MS. PERRY:  I think that's a very good

         19    question.  And I think the concept of the census in

         20    schools I think is very, very good.  I am not certain

         21    how it panned out in the city of San Diego.  I heard

         22    mixed reports from principals and from teachers about

         23    whether they got the information or didn't get the

         24    information.

         25                 We got mixed results from the Census Bureau

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     37


          1    about when the information was going out and who it was

          2    going to.  And, unfortunately, because we didn't have

          3    enough resources at the City to really take the time to

          4    coordinate with the school districts, that was, I would

          5    say, probably one of the holes in our -- in the City's

          6    involvement or participation.

          7                 It's kind of like the Census Bureau said

          8    they were going to do this with the schools.  We said,

          9    Okay, that part's covered.  We'll focus on the City

         10    employees and things that we can control and let the

         11    school district and the Census Bureau worry about the

         12    school district.

         13                 MS. GREEN:  Okay.  And just as a followup,

         14    I was interested in finding out how you reached the

         15    migrant population.

         16                 SUPERVISOR SLATER:  That probably would

         17    come more to me, although in the San Ysidro area, you

         18    would probably have that -- that's a part of the city of

         19    San Diego.  But in the county of San Diego the Health

         20    and Human Service Agencies do a lot of different

         21    outreach programs.  We have immunization programs

         22    through our health services, and we have various

         23    programs that are working with the migrant population

         24    that are longstanding.  And Cal-works and several of the

         25    other program, we have.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     38


          1                 So we were using the social workers and the

          2    eligibility workers and the other contacts that the

          3    people are familiar with to -- to reach those

          4    populations.

          5                 MS. PERRY:  And fortunately, also, with

          6    the -- with the fact that we did have the Regional

          7    Complete Count Committee and we had the funding

          8    available, many social service organizations and private

          9    organizations came forward with proposals to address

         10    specific populations like the Russian immigrants, for

         11    example.

         12                 And so, because the group stepped forward

         13    to deal with those, we had focus on that.  We had

         14    tremendous support from the Union of Pan-Asian

         15    Communities to reach the more recent migrants, and I

         16    know that the Union of Pan-Asian Communities also worked

         17    very closely with the African-Somali communities, for

         18    example.

         19                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  Well, thank you.  I

         20    want to thank this group of presenters.  And I hope you

         21    will remain.  And the next group is -- is all here.

         22    We're all assembled.  And I have the -- the great

         23    pleasure of introducing this next panel.  But I also

         24    have the duty of asking you, let's try, as best we can,

         25    to limit our remarks so that we can keep our -- we can

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     39


          1    have time for the kind of questions and answers that we

          2    just engaged in.  So I thank you.

          3                 And I think we're going to start with

          4    Mr. Bareno, who's the Coordinator of the California QAC

          5    project and the Chicano Federation.  Welcome.

          6                 MR. BARENO:  Thank you, Mr. Chairman and

          7    Members of the Board.  Welcome to San Diego.

          8                 If I could just have that one chart set up.

          9    Let me explain to you what -- what part we played.  We

         10    were the nongovernmental administrative CBO for the

         11    State of California, for San Diego and Imperial County.

         12    We received approximately 400,000 from the State to

         13    operate Question Assistance Centers, and then interface

         14    to the It's-Not-Too-Late-to-Self-Enumerate program.

         15                 So we -- we operated two -- two phases of

         16    the California Complete Count.  We reported to Mr. Mark

         17    Grisby who was the Assistant Director for California

         18    Complete Count, and they reported to the Governor's

         19    office.

         20                 We -- let me explain to you.  The Chicano

         21    Federation is a federation of organizations, primarily

         22    Latinos, that have been in San Diego for about 30 years.

         23    And so, fundamentally, we have a regional system of

         24    community-based agencies.  And I must tell you, I'm not

         25    the director.  I'm a consultant to -- to the federation.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     40


          1    Mr. Ray Uzeta, the Director, was going to try to be

          2    here.  But in any case, that's the framework.

          3                 We operated 52 Questionnaire Assistance

          4    Centers and one -- one primary contractor for the

          5    It's-Not-Too-Late program.  Within the context of the 52

          6    Questionnaire Assistance Centers, our subcontractors

          7    ranged from the MAAC Project, which is a

          8    multi-million-dollar community-based agency, to the Sons

          9    and Daughters of Guam, who, Misses -- the director is

         10    here, the representatives are here, Chinese Social

         11    Service Center, Center for Parent Involvement.

         12                 For Imperial County, since it's a large

         13    area, we utilized an existing community clinic called

         14    La Clinica del Pueblo which dealt with all of Imperial

         15    County and specifically the migrant population there.

         16    We focused in on the notion that these programs are

         17    probably nine times out of ten in the hard-to-enumerate

         18    areas.  And we were given some excellent background in

         19    the sense that the State Department of Finance

         20    identified, specifically, those census tracks and those

         21    hard to -- traditionally hard-to-count areas which were

         22    overlaid, essentially, with the population, the client

         23    base of -- of the majority of our subcontractors.

         24                 And let me say, I want to differ a bit with

         25    the earlier comments in "that there was enough money."

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     41


          1    In our case, to operate Questionnaire Assistance

          2    Centers, we had a limit of $5000.  So that these

          3    programs that are small, to commit staff resources in

          4    advance of a very slow paying process in the State of

          5    California was a lot.  So there never really was enough

          6    money, and as fast as the State tried to pay them, it

          7    was always difficult.

          8                 So -- and I say that from the perspective

          9    that we represent the nongovernmental side.  So,

         10    obviously, these community-based agencies don't have the

         11    similar resources that SANDAG or the county or others

         12    would have.

         13                 We were focused under the notion that we

         14    would operate Questionnaire Assistance Centers, but we

         15    became kind of a catchall for outreach, because these

         16    programs operate under the notion of outreach anyway.

         17    They're in the -- they're in the neighborhoods.  They

         18    know who's who.  There's a great degree of trust.  And

         19    so we were able to effectively reach the people that

         20    they serve or are -- or are hard to count in the region

         21    anyway because of their existing framework and their

         22    history.

         23                 We were contracted with the State of

         24    California to make contact directly with respect to the

         25    Questionnaire Assistance Centers for 100,000 individuals

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     42


          1    in San Diego and Imperial County, of which we were

          2    successful of doing.  Under the It's-Not-Too-Late-to-

          3    Self-Enumerate we were, again, contracted to reach

          4    approximately 90,000.

          5                 And in that case, we utilized the MAAC

          6    Project, which is a major program with regional centers

          7    throughout the county and essentially said, Look.  Based

          8    on your experience in the Questionnaire Assistance

          9    Center, go do it.  You know where they're at.  We want

         10    to encourage people to -- to self-enumerate or to remind

         11    them that there's still an opportunity to -- to make

         12    yourself counted.

         13                 We provided a great -- or relied a great

         14    degree on the information programs, as you notice: the

         15    posters and the handouts.  We utilized just about every

         16    existing formal and informal network to get the word

         17    out.

         18                 We were effective in certain communities

         19    utilizing school districts and parent groups because of

         20    either connections that I have or the programs have.

         21    And so I want to say, with respect to the educational

         22    strategy, we were told both by the State as well as the

         23    U.S. Census Bureau that there was a National Education

         24    Plan to utilize the schools.  But in reality, I didn't

         25    see much of that.  And perhaps it was there, but we

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     43


          1    weren't able to take advantage of it.

          2                 But what we did build on was the notion

          3    that parents are concerned about their kids' future.

          4    And, therefore, if the message about getting counted

          5    comes from that framework, it takes on a great degree

          6    of -- of importance that perhaps it would not have

          7    otherwise.

          8                 I'll let -- again, we focused in on many,

          9    many language groups.  We were fortunate to utilize the

         10    services of UPAC.  And Tania could explain all the

         11    various groups beyond the primary -- our focus, which

         12    was Spanish.  But UPAC provided us the ability to reach

         13    many, many other groups that they specialize in and have

         14    quicker access to.

         15                 And I also want to compliment the

         16    community-based agencies for responding in such a rapid

         17    and -- and just great fashion.  The State gave us about

         18    three weeks to come up with a contracting system, get

         19    people identified, get a competition in and just do a

         20    whole series of things that were just almost impossible

         21    to do.  But the CBOs responded because I think they saw

         22    the importance of -- of the activity.

         23                 Some of the lessons that we learned with

         24    respect to those things that interest you were that, in

         25    many cases, I believe that the local census offices

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     44


          1    operated effectively in the context of the local

          2    manager's background or -- or some -- some staff member

          3    who had a particular skill.

          4                 I don't think that we came together

          5    necessarily as a unit.  We were out there working

          6    together.  We knew who was who, but we found that if

          7    certain people in a certain district office maybe had

          8    more experience, we were able to be more effective

          9    there.

         10                 But -- but I used to complain to the State

         11    that -- that from what Sacramento sends us to what gets

         12    implemented and what gets discussed gets changed nine --

         13    nine to ten times.  And we were always told that, Look,

         14    the Governor's office is dealing with the Regional

         15    Census Office in Seattle--or wherever it was--and that

         16    that's going to be worked out.  And by the time it got

         17    resolved for us, the problem was over.  We typically

         18    improvised.  We did something else to get the message

         19    out.  And -- and I think that has a lot to do with --

         20    with how things are perceived.

         21                 With respect to hiring, we had that -- that

         22    similar problem in that we were finding ourselves

         23    responding for issues that related more directly to

         24    Census Office.  And in those cases, we will refer them

         25    to Mr. Nagel or Mr. Arellano or the appropriate person.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     45


          1                 But I think there was a lot of information

          2    flying all over that probably is nobody's fault, because

          3    when you consider that the expectation is in a year to

          4    do all those things, get people hired, get them counted,

          5    get the public to understand, and also instill a great

          6    deal of confidence essentially in within seven months to

          7    a year, I think is -- is a large task that is not easy

          8    for anybody.

          9                 And then you overlay that with the -- the

         10    whole notion about confidentiality and the whole census

         11    process.  So it's crazy for everybody.  I think the

         12    lessons that -- that I would ask you to consider is

         13    that, unless there's some statutory limitation, I don't

         14    know why this doesn't start two and three years in

         15    advance.

         16                 Or that the -- the hiring of the

         17    enumerators, while a burdensome process with a Federal

         18    employment process that in general is slow, why don't

         19    you contract that out?  I mean, why do -- why does that

         20    have to be done?  And the other piece is that I think,

         21    because this happens every ten years, I would seriously

         22    consider that like in land use, you periodically --

         23    local government, they modify community plans or if

         24    there's a major activity that's going to change the --

         25    the nature of a community, there's hearings.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     46


          1                 I don't know why that the census process

          2    couldn't be institutionalized into the -- into the

          3    process of local government on a maybe, a five-year

          4    basis or -- and what you wind up doing at the -- at the

          5    last year is literally validating what you found

          6    starting in the fifth year forward rather than condense

          7    everything and it gets crazy.

          8                 The other thing for this region, the

          9    message, particularly for the hard-to-counts, is a very

         10    touchy thing.  I admired--and I was mentioning to

         11    Krista--I admired the effectiveness of the national

         12    campaign and pieces focused for the African-American

         13    community.  I thought those were very, very effective.

         14                 But in border communities like San Diego,

         15    there is a great degree, particularly for -- for

         16    monolingual Spanish, there is a great reliance on radio

         17    that emanates out of -- out of Mexico.  Those are

         18    essentially Mexican signals into this market.  And there

         19    was a reluctance because of a lack of understanding of

         20    utilizing that.  And for the hard-to-count population,

         21    they rely a great deal on Spanish-speaking radio for

         22    their source of information.

         23                 And so -- and I suspect probably the same

         24    applies in Texas.  But I think we need to think out of

         25    box in terms of wanting to reach people.  The other

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     47


          1    piece is that, particularly for Latinos, there was a

          2    great degree of consternation about that famous -- what

          3    is it?  Question 8?  The one that asked you if were you

          4    were -- that -- that caused problems to no end.  And --

          5                 DR. MURRAY:  What -- what was the question,

          6    specifically?  I don't remember.

          7                 MR. BARENO:  I'll let -- I don't even want

          8    to defend -- Mr. Arellano can --

          9                 UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER:  (From the audience,

         10    inaudible comment.)

         11                 MR. BARENO:  That caused a -- Mr. Arellano

         12    is one of the local -- in any case it -- it -- it

         13    created a lot of energy that could have been applied

         14    elsewhere.  And, again, if those questionnaires -- and,

         15    again, I don't know what statutory requirements are, but

         16    if the survey instrument, itself, if perhaps the

         17    validation process across the country could be a little

         18    bit more extensive--have hearings on it--you're going to

         19    cut away almost 70 to 80 percent of the problems.

         20                 And, again, I think that -- that the

         21    census, the -- anyway, let's get back to -- the message,

         22    in terms of the African-American community, was very,

         23    very effective.  I mean, I just wanted to hear the next

         24    one.  Because whatever firm that did that was great.

         25                 Unfortunately for California and San Diego,

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     48


          1    you have to regionalize some of those national messages.

          2    And -- and that could have been worked on.  And, again,

          3    the CBOs formed the nongovernmental outreach side.  And,

          4    again, there's never enough money for them.  And they

          5    really, really responded tremendously.

          6                 The Governor and State Complete Count were

          7    able to get these people paid in a time frame that is

          8    against the history and traditions of the State of

          9    California bureaucracy.  So I needed to point that out.

         10                 DR. MURRAY:  Thank you.

         11                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  Thank you.  In order

         12    we hear from every panelist, we're going to hold off

         13    questions to the end.  And so I'm going to ask

         14    Mr. Rowel --

         15                 MR. ROWEL:  Yes.  Actually, I'm going to

         16    make this rather brief.  I'd like to thank you all,

         17    Mr. Chairman and Members of the Board as well as SANDAG

         18    for having me here this morning.  I did want to hand out

         19    some census materials that we produced for the

         20    African-American community as well as the other

         21    communities.  And I will do that.  But some of them are

         22    here.

         23                 The mission of California Black Health

         24    Network, which is the office I'm out of, is to improve

         25    the health status of African-Americans in California.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     49


          1    In pursuing this mission, CBHN provides a forum where

          2    policy makers, health providers, consumers, and

          3    advocates concerned about health status and access to

          4    care for Africans-Americans -- African-Americans can

          5    engage in problem analysis and solution building.

          6                 What we also strive to do is develop and

          7    implement programs that will enhance the value of health

          8    promotion and prevention amongst people of color.  I

          9    said that because one thing I discovered in working with

         10    the entire outreach census program was a lot of these

         11    issues had very much -- have a lot to do with health.

         12    And they have to do with creating community and norm

         13    changes.

         14                 In particular, Mr. Blackwell, the statement

         15    you made about legacy, I found that to be, you know,

         16    very important.  Because what you have to do is you have

         17    to create a system and a mechanism by which people can

         18    begin to -- to gain trust in what happens in their

         19    communities, particularly from an outside/inside

         20    standpoint.  It's always looked at that.

         21                 But when you enable people that are within

         22    the community and agencies that are normally working

         23    within that community to -- to work on something of this

         24    nature, what you find is that people trust it more, and

         25    they're more willing to help with it and use their

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     50


          1    money, which is always good.

          2                 San Diego Black Health Association is

          3    actually what we were under within the California Black

          4    Health Network.  And in particular, what that did was

          5    enabled us to use our health care providers in the

          6    San Diego area, the county and in the city, as well as

          7    health care professionals outside of the San Diego area,

          8    which could lend their expertise in areas dealing with

          9    culture and -- and health.

         10                 And what we strived to do is expose the

         11    fact that there's a disproportionately high rates of --

         12    of ailments in the African-American community, which is

         13    an issue.  A lot of that stems from, of course,

         14    socioeconomic issues, education, and some other things.

         15    But if you think about it, it all actually falls into

         16    census results and then becoming a part of their

         17    process.

         18                 Our scope of work, what needed to be

         19    accomplished was presentation to community groups, video

         20    presentations to clinics and physicians offices,

         21    collaborations with African-American churches and

         22    distribution of census information to beauty shops and

         23    beauty salons, or rather barber shops and beauty salons.

         24    Excuse me.

         25                 And actually, that was one of the hardest

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     51


          1    things that we had to do.  Because, as you know, with

          2    beauty shops and barber shops, they are a close-knit

          3    group.  It is actually a hub of communication within

          4    some communities.  And so it's interesting that this was

          5    chosen, because it allowed us to distribute video

          6    information and just have it shown in the -- in the

          7    waiting room or in the shop itself during peak hours.

          8                 So whether people were paying attention to

          9    it or not, it became a part of their consciousness, you

         10    know.  It was something that they -- they had to face

         11    and had to think about.  In terms of our collaborations

         12    with African-American churches, of course, we all know

         13    that the faith community, particularly in the

         14    African-American community in San Diego, is huge and

         15    is -- is -- is extremely important.  Whenever you want

         16    to mobilize--excuse me--mobilize any member of

         17    African-American constituents, you definitely want to

         18    have them on your side.

         19                 And what we attempted to do was use some of

         20    the avenues we already had in the -- in the faith

         21    community with pastors and some deacons and, actually,

         22    youth groups that we work with.  What we wanted to do

         23    was have a collaboration luncheon.  That's how we

         24    started.  Because we found out that all of these

         25    churches had received boxes of -- of census materials.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     52


          1    What we also found out was that most of these churches

          2    weren't opening those boxes.  They were actually just

          3    sitting there.  And it wasn't because of -- I don't

          4    think it had anything to do with ignorance.  I think it

          5    had to do more with there were no directions as to what

          6    they should do with it.

          7                 And then at that time, maybe they weren't

          8    so sure as to how necessary it was for their population

          9    at that time.  So we came in right at the right time

         10    because we had the collaboration luncheons.  We invited

         11    over 160 pastors of churches in the San Diego area

         12    alone.  And the turnout was pretty well.

         13                 And what we did is we spent time inviting

         14    them to become a part of the process.  But at the same

         15    time, you also have to understand when you're working

         16    with community organizations, and particularly the faith

         17    community, it's hard to go to them and ask them for

         18    something, because they have so many responsibilities.

         19    They have a limited budget and, you know, they have so

         20    many people to ask -- to answer to.  So you have to find

         21    innovative ways of wording it so that they feel that

         22    they're getting something and you're getting something,

         23    maybe.  Right?

         24                 So the census was perfect, because we just

         25    had to get factual information and demonstrate these

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     53


          1    things would happen and that these are necessary things

          2    in our communities.  Things we need like libraries,

          3    clinics, supermarkets in certain areas.  In terms of

          4    presentations to community groups, that -- that proved

          5    to be very successful too because we had an opportunity

          6    to work with Neighborhood House Association.  And

          7    they -- you know, they have a very interesting

          8    rapport--I should say--with communities.

          9                 In particular, they gave us space to have

         10    meetings.  And they also gave us an audience, which is

         11    always -- you know, it's like William Shakespeare said.

         12    Without the audience, you know, you're really just

         13    talking to yourself.  You have to have the audience.

         14                 So we found that a lot -- you know, a lot

         15    of census events, the biggest thing was having just

         16    large numbers of people there who were not necessarily

         17    there to find out about the census, because you could

         18    only talk so much about what -- exactly what the census

         19    is.  People -- people really understand the process.

         20    It's just making it very convenient for them and

         21    something that they feel is necessary.

         22                 But you want to have a lot of people at

         23    your event.  We had a Census Day in the park at the

         24    education cultural complex in Southeast San Diego, which

         25    proved to be successful in -- in getting a lot of other

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     54


          1    outreach agencies involved, as well as, you know,

          2    getting the word about the census out there and allowing

          3    people to have a good time.

          4                 To wrap it up, I would like to thank, of

          5    course, SANDAG and Karen Lamphere.  The California

          6    Complete Count Committee was very helpful.  The

          7    San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce was very helpful,

          8    because they enabled us to use people who weren't

          9    involved in the actual census process for census

         10    activities, which was very good.  The Alliance for

         11    African Assistance.  We partnered with them on a few

         12    projects.  Alpha of San Diego.  We also partnered with

         13    them.  As I said, Neighborhood House Association.

         14    Mr. James A. Ford and the Malcolm X Library, which

         15    allowed us free space and computers and some other

         16    things for census programs we had.

         17                 Thank you.

         18                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  Thank you.

         19                 Ms. Farley?

         20                 MS. FARLEY:  (Inaudible) good morning.

         21    Just move this closer here.  My name is Tania Farley,

         22    and I thank Mr. Blackwell and the Board for allowing me

         23    to speak today on behalf of the efforts that the Union

         24    of Pan-Asian Communities did for Census 2000 in

         25    San Diego County.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     55


          1                 Again, I -- I work as a community educator

          2    for UPAC.  UPAC, the Union of Pan-Asian Communities, is

          3    a local community-based organization with a 25-year

          4    history of serving Asian Pacific Islanders and newly

          5    immigrant and refugee communities into San Diego County.

          6                 As an organization, we serve approximately

          7    60,000 individuals annually.  We have a staff of 115

          8    speaking over 27 languages and dialects.  In early

          9    March 1999, I was hired to coordinate the Asian Pacific

         10    Islander Census 2000 network as part of the

         11    collaborative managed and organized by the Asian Pacific

         12    American Legal Consortium out of Los Angeles.

         13                 The statewide collaboration included

         14    San Francisco, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Los Angeles,

         15    Orange County, and San Diego.  Our goal was to ensure

         16    that our communities, our Asian and Pacific Islander

         17    communities, were included in the census process and

         18    that our -- our under-counted communities -- the numbers

         19    would actually increase not decrease.

         20                 Our original project was funded by the

         21    California endowment, and that's actually how I was

         22    funded for a 15 -- actually, for an 18-month period, was

         23    through this private foundation, monies coming in to

         24    support the -- the outreach efforts that I did.  Along

         25    with the American -- or Asian Pacific American Legal

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     56


          1    Consortium out of Los Angeles, we were also affiliated

          2    with the National Asian Pacific Legal Center out of

          3    Washington D.C.

          4                 So as a network, we were very extensive and

          5    very cohesive in our efforts to make sure that our

          6    communities were counted as well as included in the

          7    process.  With each of the agen- -- or the geographic

          8    locations that I mentioned, each of us were responsible

          9    for developing our own work plan depending on the needs

         10    of our local communities.

         11                 In San Diego I initially focused outreach

         12    activities to include Southeast Asian communities -- the

         13    Southeast Asian communities, the Lao, Cambodian, Hmong,

         14    and Vietnamese communities, as well as the Pacific

         15    Islander groups, the Samoans and the Tongans.

         16                 These communities were -- were the most

         17    under-counted in 1990.  But as I began to make

         18    presentations in San Diego or within our community, I

         19    realized that I couldn't limit my efforts only to the

         20    Asian Pacific Islander communities.  That all ethnic

         21    communities needed the same message.  So I kind of took

         22    it -- excuse me.  So I kind of took on the additional

         23    task of just getting the word out to all ethnic

         24    communities that I could outreach to.

         25                 I -- in my initial effort, I -- I prepared

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     57


          1    a comprehensive Power Point presentation, and with

          2    overhead projector in hand, contacted several different

          3    community agencies just to say, "I have a census

          4    message.  Can I come in and present?"  So I was at

          5    community meetings.  I was at community events.  I was

          6    in churches.  I was in temples.  I was accessing other

          7    communities groups.

          8                 And, in fact, I'd like to acknowledge some

          9    of the community groups that are represented here that I

         10    worked with extensively.  Tevesi Faapouli with Samoa --

         11    Tautau Samoa of North County; Flo Boatman with the Sons

         12    and Daughters of Guam club; Abdi Mohamud with Horn of

         13    Africa; and also Mr. Winlove Cudal with the Filipino

         14    Seniors Association.  Those are just some of the groups

         15    that actually assisted us in our outreach efforts to

         16    this Asian Pacific Islander and emergent immigrant

         17    communities of San Diego.

         18                 In developing this Power Point

         19    presentation, I basically focused on all aspects of the

         20    census process.  Our communities, especially our Asian

         21    Pacific Islander communities, were not informed of the

         22    census.  Did not know what it was.  Did not know how it

         23    operates here in the United States.  And to be

         24    effective, I focused on why it was important and also

         25    how to get communities involved.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     58


          1                 Through our network, we had translated

          2    material available in 16 different Asian and Pacific

          3    Islander languages, and those were extensively

          4    disseminated.  Whether it was through community events,

          5    I shared that information or those flyers and posters

          6    and whatnot with community organizations as well as with

          7    the Census Bureau and Census Bureau personnel that were

          8    willing to further distribute that in-language and

          9    material to make sure that our Asian Pacific Islander

         10    communities were involved in the process.

         11                 My message focused on the mail-back

         12    response process.  And basically, I was telling folks,

         13    Fill in your form that comes to your home in the mail so

         14    you don't get strangers coming to your door.  Within our

         15    community, if you don't know who's knocking on your

         16    door, the door is usually not opened.

         17                 So by stressing that message, "the -- the

         18    mail-back response rate, the form -- or form, you need

         19    to fill that form in," that was how the message was

         20    delivered.  And I think that's what was accepted within

         21    our community, was that mail-back form was very

         22    important.

         23                 The reason I was also very thorough in my

         24    presentation was that there was too much ground to be

         25    covered and too many people to reach.  And I didn't want

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     59


          1    to have to go back to the same group, individual, or

          2    agency more than once.  I wanted to move forward and not

          3    keep going back to -- whether it was to -- to explain

          4    the changes that were occurring or to explain why things

          5    weren't happening.

          6                 And some of the questions that have come up

          7    about the hiring practices and census in the school

          8    efforts, I can address some of those based on my

          9    experience.  Overall, I met with over 300 community

         10    groups and agencies over this time period.  My outreach

         11    activities included educational presentations to

         12    individuals in the group -- community groups.

         13                 I was very involved in writing PSA

         14    announcements, or public service announcements to be

         15    included in event booklets.  And I brought an example,

         16    which I'll just hold up and share with -- with the

         17    Board.  Also, I wrote articles for inclusion in our

         18    ethnic media sources.

         19                 And those media activities were translated

         20    in Filipino, Vietnamese, and Somali.  I also attended

         21    over 60 community events to disseminate all of the

         22    translated material that was available to me.  I

         23    basically participated in every aspect of the census

         24    process from taking the test myself, from checking out

         25    the phone in-line for questions if you had questions

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     60


          1    once you received your form.  I also called to say, "I

          2    lost my form.  What do I do?"

          3                 I wanted to make sure that I understood the

          4    process so if anybody in my community had -- had

          5    questions, I was able to give the information and give

          6    it correctly.  I also applied for every funding

          7    opportunity that became available to ensure census

          8    activities and efforts again included the communities I

          9    was trying to outreach to.

         10                 As far as the local census offices, they

         11    were helpful, in my opinion, as far as providing fliers,

         12    posters, premium items.  But the information I received

         13    varied too much from office to office.  And here in

         14    San Diego, I actually worked extensively with four of

         15    the five local offices.

         16                 Throughout the process, I also suggested

         17    sites for QACs that would benefit our Asian Pacific

         18    Islander community, coordinated QAC trained where I

         19    brought in community folks to get trained and to be

         20    certified as be-counted-form-assistance-persons, for

         21    lack of a better way of describing that.

         22                 I also advertised employment opportunities

         23    for the Bureau and encouraged people from our

         24    communities to be hired by the Bureau, because we were

         25    so -- because I felt, again, that they needed to

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     61


          1    participate in that process, as well.  Excuse me.  I

          2    also coordinated employment testing for API constituents

          3    or Asian Pacific Islander constituents because, again, I

          4    felt that, if our communities were not involved in the

          5    process, we would not have the numbers that we need to

          6    show how many of us are really here.

          7                 With several of the partnership

          8    specialists, I co-presented at several meetings and

          9    community events.  We shared notices back and forth of

         10    what was happening in the community.  In my opinion, the

         11    partnership specialists could have been or should have

         12    been the core of operations.  But with only four

         13    dedicated to our county, they were spread very thin with

         14    all the tasks required of them.

         15                 They were expected to be all -- to be all,

         16    be everywhere, and be effective.  Unfortunately for our

         17    community, the API specialist--and I'm sorry--Asian

         18    Pacific Islander specialist was non-effective.  And I

         19    realized early on that a strong educational outreach

         20    effort within our community was required to ensure a

         21    successful census.

         22                 I did not really rely on our local offices

         23    for anything that I would call substantial other than to

         24    get information or fliers or premium items as needed to

         25    support the census effort.  Most of the people that I

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     62


          1    turned to for clarification or for questions was

          2    basically Karen with SANDAG, and I was also -- I also

          3    had access to Jerry Wong at the Regional office, him

          4    being a Asian Pacific Islander advocate and census -- I

          5    was going to say census muckity-muck, but Census Bureau

          6    person.  Excuse me.  I had to say that.

          7                 In my doing census work, I -- I feel that

          8    once the census forms hit the streets, the -- the

          9    message became more varied and more difficult to follow

         10    or -- or -- or was inconsistent.  I did not hear about

         11    advertisements on the form or the process.  San Diego

         12    was hit with a lot of publicity from talk-show hosts and

         13    radio personalities.  There was a lull in the process

         14    once those forms hit the streets.  And my concern was

         15    for the moms and pops in their homes that were

         16    non-English speakers, what were they going to do if they

         17    didn't know what this form was?

         18                 I also had issues with the pre-census

         19    letter that came out.  There, a lot of people, again,

         20    did not understand, whether in English or in the

         21    different languages, what was to be done with that form.

         22    So -- so possibly a lot of our constituents that could

         23    have requested the in-language census forms missed out

         24    on that opportunity because that whole letter process

         25    was kind of -- you know, it was not very clear.  It was

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     63


          1    very confusing.

          2                 Also, a lot of our community folks had said

          3    that they actually threw their forms out.  When the form

          4    came out, if they didn't know what it was for, it went

          5    into the trash can.  So I felt at -- that when the

          6    census forms hit the streets, that I'm trying to play

          7    catch-up with a lot of those that did not hear the

          8    census message.  And it was very frustrating.  It just

          9    seemed like everything kind of fell to the wayside.

         10                 The Be Counted forms.  The Be Counted

         11    forms, although I was told to wait on the use of these

         12    forms until the end of March, the anticipation of -- of

         13    being able to actually hand those forms out to folks

         14    that we knew for a fact had thrown their forms out was

         15    something we were looking forward to.

         16                 Once those forms became available and we

         17    could freely distribute them, the folks that I had

         18    invited to attend the QAC training, a lot of us took

         19    those forms to community events, to churches, to

         20    temples, to synagogues to help people fill their forms

         21    in.  We also set up opportunities for families or

         22    individuals to bring their forms, if they still had

         23    their forms, to church functions or to community

         24    settings where we would be there to assist them with the

         25    process.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     64


          1                 Some of the groups that -- that

          2    collaborated with us, the Chinese Consolidated

          3    Benevolent Society, the Indochinese Association, the

          4    Chinese Friendship Association, as I mentioned, Tevesi

          5    Faapouli with -- with the Oceanside Samoan community,

          6    the Vietnamese Federation, the Filipino community, the

          7    Guam community, all of them were there to support

          8    census.

          9                 As far as keeping the census message going,

         10    just as of yesterday, I received an e-mail giving me an

         11    update of what are we supposed to be telling our

         12    community about census folks still coming to our doors.

         13    Apparently there's still a post-enumeration process

         14    going on.  So if there are census takers out in the

         15    street, it's basically they're doing follow-up and

         16    making sure that every single household is being

         17    counted.  So that -- that was the message as of

         18    yesterday.

         19                 Another outreach activity that happened for

         20    me was with this comprehensive Power Point presentation.

         21    When I went to community groups, I elicited support from

         22    community leaders to act as translators during these

         23    events.  So most of the presentations I did were in a

         24    different language: me speaking English or me speaking

         25    Samoan, since that's my primary language, or having a

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     65


          1    volunteer interpreter.

          2                 Also, after the -- after the forms came

          3    out, I received calls from the Census Bureau, I guess

          4    enumerator personnel, asking for assistance with

          5    volunteer translators -- volunteer translators to go

          6    with them door to door.  I felt for the most part, a lot

          7    of the requests came from people that were very

          8    insensitive to our community and insensitive to the

          9    culture of the communities they were asking for support

         10    with.

         11                 For example, I was asked to provide a

         12    volunteer Asian interpreter that could speak both Lao

         13    and Cambodian and to be available for four hours to hit

         14    both households in one day.  That's a volunteer person.

         15    Totally two different languages.  Not even the same

         16    dialect let alone the same region in -- in Asia.

         17                 The census process, itself, was a huge

         18    undertaking, and I feel with all the network that the

         19    Union of Pan Asian communities did with the different

         20    community groups, that we did make a big impact.  We're

         21    curious about our final numbers that will come out in

         22    2001, and we appreciate the opportunity.

         23                 I also have written out several

         24    recommendations for improvement for the year 2000 --

         25    2010 is it?  And basically it comes down to involving

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     66


          1    community folks and community groups in the process,

          2    that you can't discount local involvement from planning

          3    to implementation and follow-through.

          4                 You also can't discount communities that

          5    have different cultural needs and different language

          6    needs in this process.  English is not the only language

          7    spoken in our community anymore.  And it's very

          8    important for San Diego to realize that we do have this

          9    multiethnic community, and we need to be open to

         10    including all people in the process.

         11                 Thank you.

         12                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  Thank you.  And

         13    we'll take your written comments when you want to give

         14    them to us.  Sorry to rush you along and rush everybody

         15    along.  We have three other panelists.

         16                 And I'm going to ask -- is it Mr. Deemert

         17    (phonetic) or Diemert (phonetic)?

         18                 MR. DIEMERT:  Deemert (phonetic).  Thank

         19    you.  Surprised me.

         20                 Thank you for allowing us to have this

         21    opportunity to share our -- our experience in Linda

         22    Vista.  I'm the Director of Bayside Settlement House,

         23    and our specialty is forms assistance.  And as we

         24    presented our proposal to SANDAG and to Karen, our goal

         25    was to use our connections.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     67


          1                 We've been around since 1930.  We've been

          2    in Linda Vista since -- for 25 years.  I'll allow my

          3    compatriot here, Alma, to explain our strategies, but we

          4    are basically an agency that's -- community center that

          5    provides assistance to immigrant families.  And our only

          6    goal is that we realize that brochures do not work for

          7    these folks.  It's talking.  Visiting.  Individual

          8    contact.

          9                 I'll let Alma, then, give the outcome.

         10    I'll -- I'll pass around this (inaudible).

         11                 MS. MANABAT:  Thank you.  Grover's passing

         12    around the pictures of the events that we held during

         13    this census outreach.  We focused on three major

         14    outreach strategies.  First, of course, we targeted the

         15    families at Bayside already at services with programs

         16    such as the Emergency Food Program, Healthy Start, Van

         17    Lang Vietnamese School.  We have Senior Supportive

         18    Services, ESL and citizenship classes, and very -- we

         19    have lots more.  But with that client base, we had -- we

         20    targeted about 4000 families.  Therefore, the staff

         21    informed these contacts about the upcoming census and

         22    its importance.

         23                 In addition, our multilingual personnel

         24    assisted with completing the forms and translating the

         25    census material into six languages, Vietnamese, Chinese,

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     68


          1    Hmong, Lao, Spanish and Tagalog.  Our next strategy was

          2    forming partnerships with other community programs.

          3    Much of the success of our outreach was due, in part, to

          4    the collaborative efforts with other Linda Vista

          5    organizations such as Linda Vista Leaders and Building

          6    Healthier Communities.  These programs provided us with

          7    volunteers to help disseminate information on the census

          8    and the upcoming census events.

          9                 Linda Vista Leaders, which is based at

         10    Montgomery Academy in Linda Vista, focuses on

         11    encouraging youth to be part -- part of the community

         12    and being leaders in the community.  So with the Linda

         13    Vista Leaders, we were able to help with youth outreach,

         14    having them go to the parents or other students.  And

         15    with Building Healthier Communities, this is a

         16    north-central region project of San Diego, which helps

         17    disseminate information on the health insurance options

         18    for children.  And while our outreach workers were out

         19    distributing information on health insurance options,

         20    they were also including the census materials.

         21                 Another partnership we had was with

         22    community supporters like Linda Vista McDonald's and

         23    Blue Cross of California which helped with our events,

         24    and they generously donated food, beverages, prizes, and

         25    giveaways.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     69


          1                 Our last outreach strategy was to conduct

          2    census fairs with the help of Montgomery Academy, Linda

          3    Vista McDonald's, and Bayside, we organized three local

          4    census fairs which had food, prizes, giveaways, and

          5    entertainment to provide incentives for families to join

          6    and participate in the census.

          7                 We promoted these fairs through posters and

          8    fliers, banners, T-shirts, and bench ads.  Each were

          9    translated into the languages that were most prominent

         10    in our community.  A Linda Vista -- a Linda Vista Leader

         11    designed our logo, and it's presented on the T-shirts

         12    and posters and the bench ads as you can see in the

         13    photos.  Thank you.

         14                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  Thank you very much.

         15    (Inaudible) your remarks.

         16                 And our next speaker is Ms. Gulbransen.

         17    Did I do that right?

         18                 MS. GULBRANSEN:  Yes.  That's really close.

         19                 Good morning Mister -- or Honorable

         20    Co-Chairs and Members of the Board.  I'm Jeri Gulbransen

         21    from the City of Chula Vista.  We're a city of about

         22    175,000, second largest in San Diego County.

         23                 I'd like to thank SANDAG and the Complete

         24    Count Committee for all their support during the census

         25    activities.  They were a critical part, I think, in

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     70


          1    making what we did in Chula Vista much more effective

          2    and -- and certainly much easier.

          3                 By the time we found out SANDAG was going

          4    to be getting some money for the Complete Count

          5    Committee and providing that to local agencies, we

          6    already knew some of the things that the Census Board

          7    would be doing: the Census -- the Census Assistance

          8    Centers and some of that.  And so several of us got

          9    together to think of an idea.

         10                 And luckily we have some very innovative

         11    and creative people on our staff.  And we came up with

         12    what we ended up calling Census 2000 Street Theater.

         13    And so that's the grant that we had applied for with

         14    SANDAG.  With the grant money, we were able to hire a

         15    producer/director who wrote two bilingual plays, each of

         16    about five to ten minutes.  He hired, then, bilingual

         17    actors, and they rehearsed and took this production out

         18    into the community.

         19                 The thing that we liked the best about this

         20    is this really reached people where they were.  They

         21    went to taco shops.  They went on the trolley.  They

         22    went to Laundromats.  They went into other restaurants.

         23    They did do some school presentations.  They did

         24    libraries, parks, cul-de-sacs.  They did over 70

         25    presentations throughout our community.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     71


          1                 We found it was very effective.  It

          2    certainly got people in our community talking about the

          3    census.  They directly addressed the confidentiality,

          4    the fact that the census is safe, and really kind of up

          5    front looked at some of the fears and some of the

          6    reasons people would have about not answering the

          7    census.

          8                 After each performance, people came running

          9    up to them.  We wish we would have -- that we could have

         10    given them census forms, because people really wanted to

         11    get census forms and fill them out right there after

         12    they saw the presentation.  And I do have a tape, if the

         13    Board would like to see a few minutes of it, of a

         14    presentation that they gave to the City Counsel during

         15    the census activities.

         16                 It's not quite as lively as some of the

         17    ones they gave on the trolley and some of our community

         18    activities, so -- but if you'd like to turn your

         19    attention to the screen.

         20                 (The video is shown.)

         21                 MS. GULBRANSEN:  That was our Street

         22    Theater.  They -- the second play was all in Spanish,

         23    and they -- the nice thing about this particular theater

         24    group is that, because they were all bilingual,

         25    sometimes they could intersperse English and Spanish;

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     72


          1    sometimes it would be in all Spanish; sometimes,

          2    obviously as with this one, mostly in English.

          3                 We found it to be a very effective way, and

          4    we'd like to thank SANDAG and the Complete Count

          5    Committee for helping us make that possible.

          6                 Thank you.

          7                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  Thank you.

          8                 Our next and final speaker is Detective

          9    Martinez.

         10                 DETECTIVE MARTINEZ:  Good morning, Board.

         11    Thank you for having me here. My name is Peter Martinez

         12    with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, Gang

         13    Suppression Unit.

         14                 Approximately towards the end of '99,

         15    Mr. Richard Arellano from the Chula Vista Census Office

         16    called us and -- called me and asked me:  What kind of

         17    information can we pass on to our census staff when they

         18    go out to the neighborhoods to conduct their census

         19    information?

         20                 At that point, I also called on -- upon Mo

         21    Parga from the San Diego Police Department Gang Unit,

         22    Carlos Valdida from Chula Vista Police Department and my

         23    partner, Mike Spire, who has the Gang Violence

         24    Suppression Grant from Supervisor Cox which she assisted

         25    us in getting.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     73


          1                 Based on all that information, we met with

          2    Mr. Arellano on April 3rd to get a complete, thorough

          3    information of what we needed to put out.  And on

          4    April 11th of 2000, we ended up putting out the training

          5    presentation, gang awareness, to approximately over 75

          6    people in the City of Chula Vista.

          7                 The training that we wanted to -- to give

          8    out was basically a gang awareness in the South Bay

          9    area, of problem areas, how to -- how to do their job as

         10    safely as possible.  And by doing their jobs as safely

         11    as possible, we gave them a information package of the

         12    gangs that are in that area; of -- also of the different

         13    types of ethnic groups gangs that are also in that area.

         14    At the same time, we also passed out informational

         15    areas, such as hunter blocks, of where your gang

         16    problems are from certain gangs -- from certain gangs in

         17    those areas.

         18                 We also brought out visual aids such as

         19    clothing that certain gang members wear throughout the

         20    neighborhoods.  We also had a video of presenters giving

         21    gang presentations.  And we also had writings so that

         22    the -- that the people we were presenting this could get

         23    a knowledgeable information of what was going on.

         24                 What we came in -- into -- what we came

         25    together was, that one, we had to give them the area of

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     74


          1    where the gang problem was.  Two, that it would be

          2    safe -- to be done safely, that everybody should wear

          3    neutral colors.  The reason why is because certain gangs

          4    claim certain colors.  And if another color comes in

          5    into their gang neighborhood, there's going to be a

          6    problem.  So we emphasized on that that everybody should

          7    wear a neutral color, which Mr. Arellano presented and

          8    informed their staff of how -- what -- what colors that

          9    they should wear.

         10                 Also, we also gave them the information

         11    that if there was a problem street that they saw when

         12    they were going to go and conduct their information

         13    gathering, that maybe they should go ahead and leave

         14    that area and come back at a -- at a later date, maybe

         15    in a couple hours.  Then maybe that area would be

         16    cleared up where they can go into.

         17                 One thing that they would have to -- two

         18    things -- there was two things that -- that the gang

         19    areas had to receive.  One was -- is they would have to

         20    give respect to the gang members, to the residences as

         21    giving them good information.  They would -- these --

         22    these neighborhoods had to know that, by them completing

         23    their census information card, that one, they would get

         24    so many resources from City and Counties to enhance

         25    their areas, to enhance their neighborhood, to make them

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     75


          1    a lot nicer, a lot more beautiful, to give them schools

          2    and so on.  And that's one thing that -- that we were

          3    trying to inform them how to get that out.

          4                 Also is, if they were approached by gang

          5    members, basically, the -- what to do and what not to

          6    do.  Don't wear expensive jewelry.  Anything that's

          7    going to attract them to you, don't -- just don't wear

          8    it.

          9                 Also, they had the vests, that if they can

         10    also wear the vests so that they can show everybody in

         11    that neighborhood, Hey, this is what we're doing.  We're

         12    not cops.  We're not any- -- anything that's going to

         13    create a problem.  And then also to go in in -- in a

         14    high number.  Instead of having one or two people go

         15    down one side of the street, make a -- have it four or

         16    six or maybe even eight and ten.  In those areas, we

         17    were able to advise them and give them the information

         18    of -- of what trouble areas needed to have more of the

         19    census staff there.

         20                 Our presentation was approximately three --

         21    three hours long.  We -- we try to handle all -- all the

         22    areas in the South Bay.  We really emphasize on the

         23    South Bay area because that's where all the

         24    investigators were from.  And then we had a question and

         25    answer.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     76


          1                 To make it more -- more -- to have it more

          2    information go out, it would have been better to have

          3    also a North County sector, an East County sector, maybe

          4    a coast sector so that we can make all this

          5    information -- have it possible for everybody else

          6    throughout the whole county.

          7                 Our main focus was in the South Bay area

          8    because that's where our investigators were, and the

          9    Chula Vista office is the one that -- that informed us.

         10    But we gave them our phone numbers in case they wanted

         11    to increase their knowledge or to get information from

         12    other parts of the -- of the county or cities that we

         13    were able to give those phone numbers out to the other

         14    area investigators that work in those respective

         15    agencies.

         16                 All in all, it was -- I was really -- I

         17    believe the presentation went out very well, and all the

         18    questions were really done fine.  And I want to thank

         19    you all, and thank you.

         20                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  Thank you very much.

         21    I want to thank all the members of the panel.

         22                 And, unfortunately, we have very few

         23    minutes left for questions.  And I'll see if -- we'll

         24    start off this side (indicating).  David?

         25                 MR. WHITLEY:  Just a comment.  It seems to

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     77


          1    me that, first of all, you've done a tremendous job.

          2    Just generally comment on what's happened in San Diego.

          3    There are always going to be some glitches and things

          4    you want to do differently.  One of the things I've

          5    observed is we should be thinking about the census

          6    sooner than we think about it.

          7                 And I wonder if there's just a comment or

          8    two that maybe looking to SANDAG -- Joey, if you have a

          9    comment on that.  Would -- would more lead time be

         10    helpful?  And Supervisor Slater or Karen, comments on

         11    that?

         12                 MS. LAMPHERE:  I think more lead time would

         13    be very helpful; and also, as much as possible, sticking

         14    to the plan once it's made.  And also, again, I believe

         15    it was your comment about giving the local census

         16    offices a little bit of flexibility to tailor local

         17    plans.

         18                 SUPERVISOR SLATER:  I'd like to echo those

         19    comments.  And, as well, I think that all of the

         20    presenters that had hands-on information, starting with

         21    Augie Bareno and going along with Bill Rowel and Tania

         22    and everyone else, they gave you very practical

         23    on-the-street suggestions that I think -- I would

         24    suggest you take a hard look at all of their

         25    suggestions, because I think they will help us.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     78


          1                 And I think that that authority for the

          2    local agencies to make mid-course corrections is

          3    critical if you want to have a really successful

          4    program.  At some point -- I did get the information on

          5    the military, because there was a question outstanding,

          6    and I can give it now or give it later.

          7                 DR. MURRAY:  I'd just like to hear very

          8    briefly --

          9                 SUPERVISOR SLATER:  Okay.

         10                 DR. MURRAY:  -- what was the particular

         11    difficulty of that and how did you resolve it?

         12                 SUPERVISOR SLATER:  Well, I can't -- I

         13    can't speak directly to that.  I can tell you that the

         14    process was handled as described in Appendix D, on page

         15    D-1 of the Collection and -- and Processing Procedures.

         16    And basically those who were stationed and physically in

         17    the San Diego sector were counted, whether they were on

         18    the installation or at their homes.  And families

         19    members were counted, if they were here, here, and if

         20    they were at their primary residences, they were counted

         21    there.

         22                 And those who were deployed on ships were

         23    in the Armed Force overseas count.  They did not have a

         24    local count.  They were counted nationally.  The local

         25    count here for those stationed here was 111, zero, one,

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     79


          1    one, and the -- the national was 515,000.  And there was

          2    no differentiation or breakdown for ethnic groups within

          3    the overall count.  They were just counted as -- as an

          4    overall population is.

          5                 DR. MURRAY:  That's (inaudible).

          6                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  I have a question,

          7    and I know how broad this is and -- and how limited the

          8    time was.  And we -- we have that wherever we go.  There

          9    was one group that was not addressed, specifically.  And

         10    we talked about immigrant communities and non-English

         11    speaking communities, but what about migrants?  And can

         12    someone sort of address that?

         13                 MR. BARENO:  There were two parts to that.

         14    The -- the California Complete Count had a national or

         15    state-wide agreement with La -- I believe, it's

         16    La Cooperativa from Sacramento, which focused in on

         17    migrant workers.  And then we utilized the Clinica in

         18    Pueblo for those in Imperial County.  So statewide there

         19    was a specific effort designed to reach them under the

         20    assumption that they're very, very hard to reach anyway.

         21                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  If you know, what --

         22    what, if any -- did you have cooperation with the

         23    farmers, the growers themselves?  Was that an issue?

         24                 MR. BARENO:  That -- that -- that

         25    probably -- well, from the experience at Imperial

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     80


          1    County, we learned that, in some cases, we had to --

          2    they had to provide alternate places for the

          3    information.

          4                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  Right.

          5                 MR. BARENO:  Again, in the farm, you

          6    presume it's a business, and that's not what they're

          7    intended to do.  So it was a problem at least on a small

          8    scale.  I suspect that, if you talked to the Governor's

          9    Office, they would would have a -- a broader look at the

         10    problems encountered.  But I know the problems did

         11    exist.

         12                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  We've seen it in

         13    other places and -- and heard of even horror stories,

         14    out-and-out discouraging, threatening cooperation

         15    because of housing conditions.  So, therefore, threats

         16    of job loss if you participated because the grower would

         17    say, you know, We can't keep you in this -- you're

         18    living in substandard housing.  And if they know you

         19    live in this substandard housing and there's ten people

         20    living in a structure for two, then -- et cetera,

         21    et cetera.

         22                 So I wanted that addressed.

         23                 SUPERVISOR SLATER:  Very briefly, if I

         24    could address that as well, I know there was major

         25    difference between the 1990 count and this year in terms

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     81


          1    of the migrant serving organizations who were on-board

          2    with the census this time, where as last time they were

          3    not.

          4                 And so it was almost opposite.  Last time

          5    we had them on the opposing side.  This time they were

          6    on -- on the census side.  And I think the education

          7    campaign and the -- the involvement of the various

          8    ethnic communities and the community-based organizations

          9    make a huge difference.  And I agree with your comments.

         10    I think that the Farm Home Advisory -- maybe I can find

         11    out from an Agricultural Division of the County, I can

         12    find out from those areas what, if any, difficulties we

         13    encountered.

         14                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  Thank you.

         15    Lorraine, do you have --

         16                 MS. GREEN:  Just one question.  I saw the

         17    Street Theater skit dealt very effectively with the

         18    issue of confidentiality, and I know you found different

         19    ways of dealing with it in your own communities.  And

         20    I'm wondering if you think there's anything further that

         21    the Census Bureau could do looking at 2010 in the area

         22    of confidentiality so that starting right up front, we

         23    can deal with the issues that are most troubling.

         24                 MS. LAMPHERE:  One thing I can think of is

         25    I think the Census Bureau pounded that message in pretty

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     82


          1    we'll, and, in fact, I heard some comment that they were

          2    protesting too much.   That you know, Really, really,

          3    we're going to keep it confidential.  But one thing that

          4    I think would help would be to have that message, a very

          5    simple message, in many, many different languages, and

          6    get that message out in as many languages as possible

          7    early.

          8                 Because it's really the language thing that

          9    is the -- the problem.  Those are the groups that are

         10    most mistrustful, but those are the languages that the

         11    least amount of census information is available in.

         12                 MR. ROWEL:  I would also say, you know,

         13    make as big a deal about the results as you did in

         14    encouraging people to, you know, fill it out.  Make sure

         15    that there's a good followup on what was actually done.

         16    Otherwise it's -- to them it's like, Well, why did I --

         17    you know, why did I go through the trouble?

         18                 MS. FARLEY:  As far as the confidentiality

         19    in the Asian Pacific American communities, I really

         20    didn't see it as a big issue.  And I -- I actually

         21    down-played the confidentiality message because the

         22    effort was more to educate the community on the

         23    importance of census and why it's important for our

         24    communities.

         25                 Most of the immigrant communities were

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     83


          1    familiar with some type of census from their own

          2    countries, and they knew that it had some broader --

          3    there was some broader reason for it.  So

          4    confidentiality real- -- really wasn't a focus.  In

          5    fact, it was just -- we mentioned it, but we -- we

          6    didn't dwell on it.

          7                 So it was almost like a non-issue.  We

          8    talked more about why it was important to participate

          9    and what the outcomes will be and the benefits will be

         10    for the communities.

         11                 DR. MURRAY:  Just one sort of

         12    observation/summary comments.  A., I very much

         13    appreciate and am impressed by the willingness, and

         14    skill, and the creativity of individuals who got

         15    involved on the local level as we've heard from this

         16    panel in particular.  It's dedication and it's community

         17    service of the highest order, and I think it pays off.

         18                 I was particularly impressed with the

         19    remarks of Augie Bareno.  This was -- I got five good

         20    ideas right out of this I got listed here that I think

         21    actually we're going to pay very serious attention to

         22    those.  They're very specific, very concrete, and very

         23    reasonable ways of, I think, improving this process.

         24    That was very impressive.

         25                 The thing that -- that keeps occurring to

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     84


          1    me, though, listening to the various -- we have a

          2    tendency to treat the census as a single problem, and

          3    then we focus on the hard-to-enumerate communities where

          4    we know language barriers, confidentiality issues and

          5    the rest are there.  But the diversity of problems we

          6    have -- we have to keep aware of as we've understood.

          7                 For -- for instance, on this presentation

          8    on gangs, there are different reasons why people don't

          9    participate.  And I think we need to be a little more

         10    subtle about what all those reasons are.  It is often

         11    times people who are well-intentioned but sometimes

         12    forget.  Well, they need one kind of impetus to

         13    participate, civic engagement.

         14                 Some people are simply apathetic.  They

         15    really don't care about their community.  They're really

         16    moving on to something else.  Well, they have to be

         17    reminded and probably drawn in with a little more

         18    education.  Some people are fearful.  We have

         19    confidentiality messages.  When they become aware, they

         20    then want to and get enthusiastic about it.

         21                 But there are other parts of the community

         22    that are extremely problematic.  They don't want to

         23    participate, even when they know about it.  Even when

         24    they're educated.  They have their reasons.  And this

         25    occurs on either end of the socioeconomic scale.

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     85


          1    They're very rich.  They're affluent.  They've

          2    disengaged.  They have gated communities.  They have no

          3    particular incentive on many occasions.  And we've seen

          4    a small and troubling tailing off in engagement and

          5    participation on the part of that community that resents

          6    government intrusion sometimes, or simply doesn't feel

          7    connected to the wider community because they somehow

          8    feel they transcend it.  They are a special kind of

          9    problem.

         10                 And the other end of the scale, as we heard

         11    from Detective Martinez, there are neighborhoods where

         12    there are people actively impeding our capacity to

         13    engage with that community, whether it's because of

         14    lawlessness, whether it's because of concerns about

         15    their status.

         16                 Sometimes there are people who are simply

         17    not willing to be engaged in the wider community.

         18    That's a very special kind of problem.  And it is not

         19    fair, I think, to census workers to expect them to

         20    jeopardize themselves.  And we know from nationwide

         21    stories, on occasions, this did happen.

         22                 It's not clear to us exactly how we're

         23    supposed to address that.  Community engagement.

         24    Activating people who know.  That's probably the most

         25    valuable.  But do you think in the long run, Detective

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     86


          1    Martinez, was census able to overcome these impediments,

          2    or in some sense did the gangs and the difficulties and

          3    the threats have some impact that even still we had

          4    difficulty overcoming that prevented these communities

          5    from being engaged?

          6                 DETECTIVE MARTINEZ:  I think what we really

          7    had to emphasize was the awareness of -- of a citizen

          8    being aware to -- to be aware of their surroundings a

          9    lot more when we -- when we were able to give them this

         10    information.  I think if they didn't have the

         11    information, say, of gang areas or of gang problems, I

         12    don't think that the information would have gotten to be

         13    able to get more calculated even more better.

         14                 I think the information -- and -- and by

         15    them being -- having the neutral colors, it gave them

         16    more of -- I wouldn't say like a security, but to make

         17    sure that, okay, basically, Gang members, these people

         18    are here to help you.  They're not here to create a

         19    problem, to gather information that's going to be passed

         20    on to somebody else.  They're here to help you and

         21    they're here to help your community and to make it a lot

         22    better.

         23                 And that was their main focus.  And I think

         24    by the presentation and the information that we were

         25    able to hand out, it -- it made it a lot better.  For it

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     87


          1    to work for 2010, like I said, go out and approach it in

          2    the other portions of the county 'cause every county,

          3    every city has their own little unique problem.

          4                 And so if you get those investigators to

          5    pass that information about their unique -- unique

          6    gangs, then -- then you'll know how to approach a lot

          7    better.  Same thing with your other states throughout

          8    the United States.  But I think the information was

          9    passed on good in the end.  They took it in hand.

         10                 DR. MURRAY:  Listened to the people who

         11    were there?

         12                 DETECTIVE MARTINEZ:  Yes, they did.

         13                 MR. WHITLEY:  Gil, I wanted to say, your

         14    comment earlier is right on the money, in my opinion,

         15    which is the whole issue we're here about which is money

         16    ultimately coming back to San Diego and -- and people in

         17    this community.  I think you've done a tremendous job.

         18    The laboratory of ideas that -- that occurs in places

         19    like San Diego will be shared with other communities

         20    around the country.

         21                 I can't tell you how many times I've been

         22    at hearings like this and I have a deja vu feeling

         23    because I think, well, this is quite remarkable what

         24    you've done in San Diego.  I would just encourage you to

         25    continue it in some capacity.  Don't count on the

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     88


          1    Federal government to do the work for you, but look to

          2    yourselves to find your own strength to accomplish these

          3    things.

          4                 I think that -- my observation is exactly

          5    as you said earlier.  This is a local issue.  The census

          6    is local.  My thought--I discussed this with our

          7    Executive Director--about what about states?  Is there a

          8    role for the states that they should assume more of a

          9    role in?  And there probably is.  But mandating that out

         10    of Washington is not a great idea I don't think.

         11                 So to Californians to count Californians is

         12    very important and to not give up the fight in counting

         13    yourselves.  Because I think it has brought together

         14    your community in a way that is quite remarkable.  And I

         15    think there's a lot of strength that can be accomplished

         16    in the diversity that exists in this community as an

         17    example for other communities to follow.

         18                 Other communities in our country will

         19    increasingly be more and more diverse.  So we'll have to

         20    look to California to tell us how to do this.  And we

         21    appreciate very much your comments here today.

         22                 Thank you.

         23                 MR. BARENO:  Mr. Chairman?

         24                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  Yes?

         25                 MR. BARENO:  Something that's really

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     89


          1    important that's been bothering me.  I'd kind of like to

          2    share it with you.  I think probably the biggest

          3    challenge for all of us, particularly your Board, is

          4    fulfilling this great expectation that the census is,

          5    indeed, going to change people's quality of life.  I

          6    think it's important--we've done this in Spanish--to

          7    remind people, that it is just an additional block.

          8                 But that ten years down the road, they're

          9    going to be after all of us, because essentially their

         10    lives don't change all that much.  And I think it's

         11    important to -- to really say, We're building something

         12    here, and the more blocks we get there, the stronger the

         13    house is going to be.  But this is no panacea.  This is

         14    something we have to do.

         15                 So in ten years, I want them to be after

         16    you, not me.

         17                 DR. MURRAY:  That is a central issue, and I

         18    understand that one particularly.  Sometimes the census

         19    process, in order to encourage people has been offered

         20    as though there were a chicken in every pot.  I mean,

         21    all you need to do is fill out this form, and the

         22    cornucopia will open.

         23                 That is misleading to some degree, but I

         24    really believe this last thing you said.  One block.  I

         25    think we can see it as one rung, and often times the

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     90


          1    first rung on the ladder.  What it does is it enables

          2    people who are not enfranchised, not part of the

          3    community, fearful and not engaged to find a reason of

          4    someone reaching out to encounter them, to offer the

          5    hand, to make contact.

          6                 And ideally, we think that will leave

          7    behind a structure, a residue of some sort of engagement

          8    that will then be a pathway to follow towards

          9    self-governance, greater participation, involvement in

         10    the schools, involvement in their own political

         11    representation.  And that that can grow.  It will grow

         12    if the seed is there.  It's about all that we can hope

         13    to offer at this point, but that's a good first step.

         14                 CO-CHAIRMAN CASELLAS:  I want to thank all

         15    the members of the -- of the panel.  And -- and let me

         16    just point out that -- that Census 2000 reversed a

         17    30-year trend in the response rates.  And -- because for

         18    every census since 1970, the response rate has dropped

         19    and dropped significantly.

         20                 For the first time since 1970, that trend

         21    was reversed, and we got a 65 percent response rate.

         22    You beat that here handily.  And so I congratulate you

         23    for that, because that is something that's quantifiable

         24    and it's something that you can look at and point to as

         25    great success in part because of an ad -- first-time

                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     91


          1    paid ad campaign, in part because of greater community

          2    partnerships at all levels throughout the country,

          3    starting a number of years ago with these various

          4    advisory commissions and committees at the local and

          5    national level and -- and greater, although not the

          6    best, flexibility, but greater flexibility.

          7                 And so it is a local effort, and it is a

          8    local success story because of that.  And finally, I

          9    think you are to be commended, because I've always

         10    talked about the census as really a family portrait.

         11    And it's a portrait of -- of us as an American family.

         12    And just like a family portrait, where your brother or

         13    your sister or your aunt or uncle or somebody's not in

         14    that portrait, you know it's not a complete family

         15    portrait.

         16                 And you've really done a magnificent job of

         17    making your family portrait for this area a more

         18    complete one, and -- and we thank you for that and

         19    commend you for it.  And thank you all for being here.

         20    And as I said, our record is open through the month of

         21    July.

         22                 Thank you very much.

         23                 (Whereupon, at 11:07 a.m. the hearing

         24                 was concluded.)


                 JAN WHITE & ASSOCIATES (619)234-0991, 1-888-311-0991     92


          1    State of California)
          2    County of San Diego)







          9            I, Denise L. McConnell, Certified Shorthand

         10    Reporter in and for the State of California, do hereby

         11    certify that the foregoing Field Hearing was reported by

         12    me in shorthand at the time and place herein named; that

         13    said hearing was then transcribed through computer-aided

         14    transcription, and the foregoing transcript contains a

         15    true record of said Hearing.

         16            In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand

         17    on this 3rd day of July, 2000.





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