(Dialogue with the American People - Figure 4 data in tabular format)

Figure 4:
Should everyone be required to enroll in basic health care coverage, either private or public?

Percent Saying “Yes”:
Less than 70%
80% or More

Kansas City (60%)
Baton Rouge (65%)
Albuquerque (62%)
Des Moines (55%)
Las Vegas (56%)
Eugene (65%)

Orlando (74%)
Jackson (74%)
Seattle (77%)
Denver (75%)
Providence (76%)
Miami (75%)
Detroit (75%)
Phoenix (79%)
San Antonio (73%)
Billings (74%)
Fargo (74%)
Memphis (83%)
Charlotte (80%)
Indianapolis (88%)
Philadelphia (82%)
Sacramento (81%)
Lexington (80%)
Cincinnati (86%)
Little Rock (85%)
Tucson (88%)
Sioux Falls (82%)
Salt Lake City (81%)

Note: Los Angeles, New York, and Hartford are not included in this table. In the Los Angeles meeting, the responses were modified based on participants’ comments in the meeting. As a result, only 16 percent answered “yes” to the question, while 78 percent of the participants chose a third option that was offered by participants—that everyone automatically would have coverage under a national system, so, according to participants, the question was not applicable. For the same reason, the question was not completed in the New York meeting. In the Hartford meeting, the majority of participants abstained.