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[Month date], 2006

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You are invitedÖ

To become a part of an historic discussion taking place right now across America Ė where citizens like you get to tell the policymakers in Washington what you like and donít like about our nationís health care system, and what tough choices our country should make to turn it into one that works for all Americans.

And your voice does matter. Your opinions will help form a citizensí action plan that the President and Congress are required by law to consider as they work to make health care work for all Americans.

This is a chance for you...

to help shape national policy.

It is a chance to get the facts, weigh the tradeoffs, and tell the President and Congress exactly how you want your health care system to change.

And you need to take part:

  • Because as a citizen, you care about your health and that of your family, friends, neighbors, and community.

  • Because as a consumer, you care about having access to affordable care thatís high quality.

  • Because as a taxpayer, you care about keeping the cost of care under control, and you want it delivered as efficiently and as waste-free as possible.

This is a discussion that canít happen without you. Your voice does matter.

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