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STS-107 Accident Investigation Ground Track and Events Summary
Acronym List

AC Alternating Current
Actr Actuator
Aft / AFT Rear
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
ASA / ASA 4 Aerosurface Amplifier
ATVC Automatic Thrust Vector Control
BF Body Flap
BFS Backup Flight Software
BL Bond Line
CSS Control Stick Steering
DAP Digital Auto Pilot
DNMODE Down mode
ECLSS Environmental Control and Life Support System
EI Entry Interface
EPDC Electrical Power Distribution and Control
FCS Flight Control System
FES Flash Evaporator System
F/min degrees Fahrenheit per minute
fps Feet Per Second
fps2 Feet Per Second Squared
Fus Fuselage
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
H Altitude
H2O Water
Hyd Hydraulic
Hz Hertz
IMU Inertial Measurement System
Inbd / INBD Inboard
Iso Isolation
KSC Kennedy Space Center
L Left
L2L Left firing RCS jet
L3L Left firing RCS jet
LH Left Hand
LIB Left Inboard
LIE Left Inboard Elevon
LMG Left Main (landing) Gear
Ln / LN Line
LOB Left Outboard
LOE Left Outboard Elevon
Longn Longeron
LOS Loss of Signal
L/R Left/Right
LT Left
Mach Velocity (Mach 24 is number x speed of sound)
MER Mission Evaluation Room
M-FUS Mid Fuselage
MLG Main Landing Gear
MPS Main Propulsion System
ms millisecond(s)
Msg Message
Nom Nominal (normal)
ODRC Orbiter Data Reduction Center
OI Orbiter Instrumentation
OMS Orbital Maneuvering System
OPS 3 Operations software mode for entry
OSH Off Scale High
OSL Off Scale Low
Outbd Outboard
P Pressure
PASS Primary Avionics Software System
PRSD Power Reactant and Storage Distribution
psf Pounds per Square Foot
psia Pounds per Square Inch Absolute
PVT Pressure, Volume and Temperature
P/Y Pitch/Yaw
QBAR Dynamic Air Pressure
R1R Right Firing RCS jet
R2R Right firing RCS jet
R3R Right Firing RCS jet
R4R Right Firing RCS jet
RCS Reaction Control System
Ref / REF Reference
Ret Return
RHC Rotational Hand Controller
RIB Right Inboard
ROB Right Outboard
RPC Remote Power Controller
RSB Rudder Speed Brake
R/T Rock/Tilt
secs Seconds
SM1 Systems Management
SRB Solid Rocket Booster
SSME Space Shuttle Main Engine
STS Space Transportation System
Sw Switch
Sys System
TDRS (E/W) Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (East/West)
Temp Temperature
TIG Time of Ignition
TK Tank
Unlk Unlock
Uplk / UpLK Uplock
Vlv(s) Valve(s)
WSB Water Spray Boiler
x1215 Structural Location Along Fuselage

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